Cycling route through Buruwan Park, Glebe, lost to WestConnex/RMS

I just learned that my favourite cycling/commuting route to the city through Buruwan Park (Crescent/City West Link Cnr) has been lost to WestConnex/RMS, and will close forever shortly. It was a particularly good route for slower cyclists who hated using the busy Lilyfield Rd. Please come this Sunday 10 March, 4-5pm, for a photo shoot to express your dissatisfaction with the loss of not only a quiet cycling route, but the loss of over 100 trees.


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Boo, i used to ride that section often when i lived just round the corner

:( I didn't realise that Westconnex was as far over as Glebe, are they bypassing ANZAC bridge?

Hi Mike. Buruwan Park is in Annandale, on the border of Glebe (the Crescent). Its proposed erasure is for a widened feeder road from City West Link + re-configured approach to Anzac Bridge... all to accommodate the gigantic Rozelle Interchange (Stage 3B WCX). We remain hopeful that all of this might be re-thought, after the NSW election. 

I use Whites Creek Lane and the park to access The Crescent. The closure of the park is appalling. Cyclists will need to ride around to the bottom of Johnstone St to get onto the Crescent and perhaps in the short to medium term there will be no access to Anzac Bridge from Leichhardt. Forcing us to run the gauntlet of Bridge Rd to get to Pyrmont.

RMS told me a year ago they would retain a path around the edge of the park, on the railway side, but I can’t confirm that is still the case. The proposed slip road curves around from The Crescent and there must be some room between the road and the railway where a path could go. They also say in their EIS, and told me, that the path next to the mural on The Crescent will remain. So people may still be able to get to Johnston St lights and Chapman Rd via a flat path from Railway Pde. The alternative up Bayview St and over to Johnston St is very steep. It would be good to get the truth out of someone.

This shows the new road cutting across Buruwan Park and severing the path. But if the road was shifted a few metres to the NE and E there would be room for a path around to The Crescent, past the mural.

Denise, FYI, what I just got back from the Westconnex “Place Manager” after calling them yesterday. Nothing new but they are offering to meet when th3 design is approved- a bit Late then probably!

“Thank you for your time on the phone yesterday afternoon regarding your query about the bicycle path at Buruwan Park and connectivity to adjacent streets . As advised, the Projects design has not yet been finalised and as such I was unable to speak to the specifics as to what the future bicycle and pedestrian paths may look like in this area.

As advised, bicycle and pedestrian connectivity will remain throughout the entirety of the project, however paths may be detoured during construction. Once we have an approved design we would be happy to meet with you to discuss.

As mentioned over the phone, should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to email back.@

I have provided a link to the Environmental Impact Statement and Modification page (below) available via the WestConnex website.  You will be able to find links to the Environmental Impact Statement for the Project which at this point is the most up to date source of information.


Kind Regards,


Elle Mursell


Community Place Manager – Rozelle Ineterchange

Hi Bob. Thanks for your follow-up here with the Community "Place Manager". It spurred me on to speak with Elle. Elle, btw, works for CPB, the contractors. She noted my concerns about being diverted to the busier cycling routes during/after construction. 

According to Elle, contractors will be out and about in the community next month doing investigative work which will then feed back into the final design. Maybe this is our chance to get in their ear (again)! At least she recognised the name Buruwan Park!

Have to keep a watch out for them, will they be wearing funny hats and carrying clip boards or something? Typical, New crowd comes in and decides they had better see what they are going to affect.


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