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In furious agreement with with NA. Q and A is axiomatic of ABC's pathetic attempt at social engagement. It's trash television and the faux question posed, having just read it, smacks of a plant to me. A case of asking a group of people who have little insight into the real issues to put their two bobs worth into the debate. It's easy to gather a couple of politicians together to face off, saying nothing, doing less. Would not Clover Moore have been at least a voice of credibility?

It's almost as if we are better off not even engaging with these people, much like the woman I confronted the other day, who flew by me in her rust bucket, beeping her horn, pushing her digit out of her window (so refined). I confronted her at the lights with a question - "what exactly was your problem back there?"

"You are the problem" said she, her angry eyes glaring at me as she chomped on her hamburger. Yes, chomping on her hamburger.

"Can you tell me what road rule I am supposed to have broken."

"Being on the road in the first place," was her reply. She then proceeded to shout about registration, being a law unto ourselves, the usual thing, as she yelled at two other cyclists who rode by doing nothing wrong either. She called me a wanker as she sped off, smoke billowing out of her exhaust and her car.

I rode on, thinking I was better off, in this instance, just keeping my mouth shut because some peoples education just doesn't allow them any decency.

It has always seemed to me that when the mass media examines a subject I know a lot about, they appear to be completely misconstrue it. 

SMH on cycling is a current exception on the whole.


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