POLICE have confirmed a woman has died after she was hit by a truck on Wednesday morning. 

INVESTIGATING: Emergency services on Perkins Street after the incident this morning. Picture: Simone De Peak


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I have always held the belief that trucks with dog trailers and B doubles have no place in urban areas.

didn't barry o'farrell want triples .........yes totally agree ,i'm becoming more aware of b double monsters , we've had a couple of close calls on the ride out to kurnell .

Very sad.

It makes me wonder what happened.  She was an experienced rider so was unlikely to go up the inside unless she was turning left and the truck didn't have the indicator on, which is unlikely and that makes me think that the driver partially overtook her and turned left, misjudging her speed.  Speculation I know

If one of those truck/trailer things does pass you, you can think it’s all gone and maybe move out a little only to suddenly realise there is the trailer still to come. They should  not be allowed on routes with tight left turns like King/Perkins St. 

i walked along there only a couple of weeks ago in the morning and saw several women cycling, one could have been her. 

There is also a raised pedestrian crossing on King St at that corner, which may have factored into the crash.

Perhaps we need a special bicycle awareness training (and testing) for these drivers. 

What else can be done?

Those long bonnet tippers are a big problem on city/suburban streets.

The drivers cant even see small cars right in front.

And the dogs are definitely big trouble for unsuspecting road users.

NSW Coronial system needs reform to concentrate on preventing injury and deaths. Currently understaffed. Victorian system is apparently better after reforms there.


as we know, findings on deaths of cyclists can take years and we never seem to learn from what happens. Can’t even get under run guards on trucks and trailers, let alone  cabs with better visibility.

Pay drivers a salary.

Paying by the load incentivises dangerous driving.


I'd like to see licences be for 5 years, and at the end of that period a practical test and theory test be required. Special attention should be given to theory around laws relating to bikes/pedestrians and how other users should respond in their vicinity. I'm sick of dumb bogans hanging heads out of car windows claiming that I'm breaking the law, when in fact it's them who have NFI!

I haerd on ABC news radio this morning a bike rider who took a pic of a car after the occupants threw something at him was literally bashed...

The car pulled over, two guys jumped out and they stomped the bike and beat up the rider.

I got no other details i.e. where or exactly when... but a whole lot needs ot change in Australia!

More frequent and stringent testing would certainly help - as would vehicle designs that are less lethal to other road users. You could easily engineer some vulnerability into the the heavy vehicle such that the driver bears some risk in a crash.



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