POLICE have confirmed a woman has died after she was hit by a truck on Wednesday morning. 

INVESTIGATING: Emergency services on Perkins Street after the incident this morning. Picture: Simone De Peak


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very arrogant .

BNSW is calling for action. Some good ideas, incl taking photos of HVs. I’ve seen a few on streets I’m sure they shouldn’t be on.


Further to the Glebe incident, BNSW confirmed the student was leaving the Uni. Truck appeared to be travelling on Parramatta Rd.

Hi Bob - It has been reported today that she has passed away.

Had a light truck all over my rear wheel this morning, descending into Bondi at 60+ km/h and he was struggling to hold my wheel but still just had to pass... he passed dangerously, and then I repassed him two more times. It is like a game to some motorists... everyone in such a rush at 6:30am in the morning.



Following received from RMS. Does seem like someone has to die before anything changes. I would rather see bicycle lights at the intersection than bicycle boxes. They need to treat the whole of Ross St, as problems also occur at Pyrmont Bridge Rd. And then look at The Crescent as part of a route to the Uni. I would also like a shared path on Parramatta Rd along the Uni frontage, there is already something from City Road to the Uni gate.  More letters to RMS please.

I write in response to your cycling and pedestrian concerns at the intersection of Parramatta Road and Ross Street in Camperdown.

Roads and Maritime Services is committed to promoting cycling as a transport choice and to the provision of safe and convenient cycling facilities, recognising the considerable environmental benefits.

Roads and Maritime Services is currently undertaking a procedural fatal crash site investigation at Parramatta Road and Ross Street in Camperdown. This procedure starts once there is notification of a fatal crash and includes a review of crash trends, behavioural issues, road use and road environment, including road design and road condition. Procedure includes an assessment for treatment options, which may include your proposed shared footpaths, community education and intersection cyclist storage box.

If you have any further questions Mark Carruthers, Senior Network and Safety Officer at Roads and Maritime, would be pleased to take your call on (02) 8849 2534.
<End quote>

Thanks for posting Bob.

I read their response and can't help bu think RMS should be disbanded, it is part of the problem.


bingo, wish granted, not that it will make any difference I fear,


To me it looks like we've now got the clown in charge of the 3 ring circus! He'll be as bad, if not worse, than darling Dunc!

I hear that a couple of DHBC riders were put in hospital by a truck too close pass of a 12 rider bunch (couldn't see the 12 bright red jerseys?) at Engadine last Sunday, truck didn't stop, why should it as it didn't touch them, don't know if police have found driver yet.

A useful addition to the passing rule (only good if observed) would be 1.5m for all trucks at 60kph and more if higher

A month or so ago, I had a video of a close pass that I took to my local plod. He said they only usually charge for close passes when the cyclist is hit. "Bit late by then! Unless you blokes start to enforce this law, more people will be killed and you'll spend more time in the coroner's court." He didn't like that, and made it clear that he wasn't going to issue an ticket, but he did go and speak to the driver, who claimed that she didn't remember passing me, but funnily enough, she remembered giving me at least a metre. My camera obviously lied, as it clearly showed it to be less than 500mm. Plod pointed out she had a good driving record. On the other hand, I had a record of lodging complaints for this sort of thing! Victim blaming at its most open!

Yes that correct, one I use to bike commute with occasionally, that one got a broken collarbone, the other a broken collarbone and I think 7 ribs + the truck ran over one of the fallen riders bike.  Video evidence has been submitted to the police 

The word on the Newcastle street is that the truckie found that his dog wasn't going to make the corner, so, in order to get a better approach, he unknowingly reversed into the cyclist, killing her.

I'm not surprised that an experienced cyclist got caught out by that, we don't expect a dog truck that is part way around a corner to reverse.  It does make me wonder why the driver didn't see the cyclist in the reversing camera, perhaps it didn't have one and also why the cyclist didn't react in time to the reversing beep beep beep.  No doubt the circumstances dictated the tragedy 


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