POLICE have confirmed a woman has died after she was hit by a truck on Wednesday morning. 

INVESTIGATING: Emergency services on Perkins Street after the incident this morning. Picture: Simone De Peak


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The Police post on FB has been taken down.  One can image the posts it got


thats why we have strict gun laws here .

So to hijack the thread - a lady was crushed by a truck last night outside Sydney Uni.

She was turning right, the truck turned right across her... 6 ambulances and a helicopter... the article I read focused on the traffic delays...

A driver nearby got indirect dashcam footage... it is just sickening to watch. 

2019 we know better, we can do better but it just seems like heads are burried in the sand - we lean towards imposing limitations on the victims and not trying to make some progress in a brave new positive direction.

Please spare a thought today for this young lady - and get angry, advocate and raise hell for better protection for vulnerable road users. 



Helicopter? RPA is just up the road.

on Twitter they were saying truck was turning left out of the uni, cyclist was on the inside, possibly waiting at the Uni Gate to go up Ross?

Ross St should have a Cycleway for uni students, with bicycle lights at Parramatta Rd.

Absolutely. And this bullshit of short guys riding high in big trucks not able to see around them has to end now.

Let the trucks in between 2am and 5am or redesign them.

Let's face it, there is nothing surprising about this news.

I'm going to write to the Centre for Road Safety and the Minister etc asking for a serious look at these type of crushes, which are only going to be more likely given the construction boom and road dive sites. Its getting like London where there were many such horrible incidents.

start here https://roadsafety.transport.nsw.gov.au/contactus/index.html

Please mention the "Safer Lorry Scheme" that was introduced in London, and the fact that even in China all trucks must have mandatory side under-run protection.

These truck and dog combos that are allowed in our cities are deadly and most countries don't allow such a dangerous design.

the one in glebe was just a truck i think.

i hope everyone will write, pointing out the increasing numbers of these crushes and need to do something quickly and generally. also send it to RMS. 

bob , can't think what can be done ,except driver awareness, sydney is one big building & tunneling site , most of the spoil going out to kurnell........where there was once sandhills ...now mountains of earth ..

I'm not sure that you'll get anywhere with the new Roads Minister Constance. Experience in Newcastle shows him to be arrogant and listens to no one, just like Gladys!

At least this portfolio is no longer held by the nationals with Melinda Pavey leaving. Guess I'm clutching at straws, but things can't get any worse. Pavey white anted the Sydney Harbour Bridger ramp project, showed no understanding of the good design option provided by RMS.


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