Cyclist deathtrap erected on Crescent Shared Path near City West Link

I was disturbed to come across this on my commute. The gap between the power pole and the road was already too small. Now there is sensor pole and cables that can't be seen in the dark.

It would be so easy for a cyclist to inadvertently clip their handlebars on this and be thrown into the path of a truck or bus.  The vehicles in the pictures saw me on the footpath and left plenty of room but trucks and buses usually drive close to the gutter.

I'm about to submit a complaint to the RMS.

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The RMS case reference number is 00155886.

Join in people!.  

Even if you're not from the area this will highlight to the RMS that they cannot blindly implement dangerous obstructions.

 Plus should anyone be injured, their claim will be easier when RMS knew there was a risk and didnt fix it

Thanks Doug.

While we're at it there's a small step in the join between the Crescent footpath and the short-cut path, about 20metres behind your camera.

I suspect that's Leichhardt Council's problem, as councils seem to deal with stuff behind the kerb line. 

Indeed, they put in the bypass to alleviate the narrow squeeze that used to be there behind the bus shelter, but left a few defects in the pavement, like that annoying trench.

I suspect the new outrage (the sensor pole) is due to RMS. I reported it to Leichhardt Council (Innwerwest Council)anyway, using Snap Send Solve, which they apparently do monitor, unlike Go!Fix.

Havnt been down there or anywhere much due to dodgy hip, so thanks to people being vigilant around the Inner West and Leichhardt in particular.

I've reported a couple of large potholes in the riding line to the old Leichhardt Council in the past, which were fixed quickly. If a council can do that then a state body has no excuses.

The RMS haven't responded as yet. I'll send a reminder if they don't respond soon and if that doesn't work I will escalate to the Minister for Roads' office. If that fails (which wouldn't surprise me) then perhaps WorkCover is the next stop--I need to do some research.

The only thing in your favour is that it is temporary infrastructure

Just make sure that when you do hit the cable that is sticking out of it, you do so hard enough to rip the cable out of the socket, rather then knocking you off your bike.

Such a terrible design to have cables sticking out like that. Not only is it hazardous, but it actively invites vandalism. Disappointing.

snip snip

I went past it last night and noticed it was still there and really dangerously placed but noticed this morning that "someone" had moved it so the wires didn't stick out as much.

Also noticed this morning the ones at the bottom of the SHB stairs have been unplugged.


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