Cyclist killed by truck, Princes Hwy St Peters 12/11/13

From NSW Police press release:

Cyclist killed in crash - St Peters

Tuesday, 12 November 2013 10:34:03 PM

Police will prepare a report for the Coroner following a fatal motor vehicle collision in St Peters.

About 11.10am today (Tuesday 12 November 2013), a cyclist and a Kenworth Truck collided at the corner of Talbot Street and the Princes Highway.

The 40-year-old cyclist was taken to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, however she died a short time later.

Police from Newtown Local Area Command attended, established a crime scene and with the assistance of the Metropolitan Crash Investigation Unit, commenced inquiries into the incident.

The 49-year-old male truck driver was also taken to hospital for mandatory blood and urine testing.

Inquiries into the incident are continuing.

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I am so very sad, and very angry at the same time.

I agree. Sad and angry.

My sympathy to her friends and family.

Thanks for the sympathy. I'm an old friend and absolutely devastated to hear of her death at what sounds like a tricky intersection to negotiate safely.

Just rode down Talbot this morning on the DHBC LaPa ride .. a double bogey dump truck came down Princess Hwy in the middle lane at well over the 60kph speed limit as we turned left .. it sounded scary enough, let alone if it was behind you as you slowed to to turn left, no way it would stop in time.  I wonder what happened ..

So sad to hear this and condolences to family and friends ... just hope Police actually dot heir job and don't just claim that somehow this was only "an accident."

No! Not another.....:-(.....

Another family left to pick up the pieces.


Another tragedy. My deepest sympathies and condolences.

It is particularly disturbing to see mature female riders killed in traffic.

If anything they tend to be over cautious. Too gracious COS!

And if anything, truck drivers, tradies, couriers, cab drivers etc tend to be UNGRACIOUS to say the least!

Even most car drivers acknowledge this, but people are willing to tolerate a lack of GRACE because professionals who drive for their work deliver the goods and services we all need.

In the UK female riders are disproportionately represented in fatalities with HGVs.

Its an issue about staying well left, combined with not running red lights, which leaves the rider in a dangerous place if the truck pulls alongside during a red light phase.  Male riders seem to be a greater proportion assertive and controlling their lane, and a greater proportion that run red lights, either strategy reduces that particular danger.

Angry. But need more details.

I wonder why are the titles seem to disassociate the motorist - ie why is the title not :  " Cyclist killed by Truck Driver" 

+1. Trucks are inanimate, they cannot kill. They have no control over how they are operated.

So you can't get killed by an inanimate boulder that dislodges and runs down a hillside?

I agree with what you're saying, but I think we do get hung up on the semantics. It was the truck that contacted her and this contact that resulted in the death, and not the driver contacting her - although facts will determine whether his actions in controlling the truck had any involvement. Hypothetically If it was say a mechanical failure the driver had no involvement in then it was the actions of the inanimate object that caused the accident (putting aside the argument that the drive should have been driving in a manner such that if a mechanical failure occurred he'd be able to ensure there would be no risk to anyone or thing else - sometimes that just isn't practical).

But yes at the same time we don't see headlines claiming "Policeman killed by bullet" - it's "Policeman killed by gunman".

All the same, our focus should be on ensuring this doesn't happen again, rather than the words used to report it.

All the same, our focus should be on ensuring this doesn't happen again, rather than the words used to report it.

The words used to report it focuses on who, or this case, what, is responsible.

Change (or even forgiveness) can only begin with acknowledgement of where the fault(s) are.

Fault can only be established legally through the courts. If any news organisation ran the headline you suggest, they would be found in contempt of court and fined.


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