Cyclist killed by truck, Princes Hwy St Peters 12/11/13

From NSW Police press release:

Cyclist killed in crash - St Peters

Tuesday, 12 November 2013 10:34:03 PM

Police will prepare a report for the Coroner following a fatal motor vehicle collision in St Peters.

About 11.10am today (Tuesday 12 November 2013), a cyclist and a Kenworth Truck collided at the corner of Talbot Street and the Princes Highway.

The 40-year-old cyclist was taken to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, however she died a short time later.

Police from Newtown Local Area Command attended, established a crime scene and with the assistance of the Metropolitan Crash Investigation Unit, commenced inquiries into the incident.

The 49-year-old male truck driver was also taken to hospital for mandatory blood and urine testing.

Inquiries into the incident are continuing.

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You sure about that? So what makes things different when a cyclist kills a pedestrian?

The newspapers don't report that a pedestrian got killed by a bicycle!

Time to remind Transport NSW that we need their 'planned' safe separated cycle network urgently.

At this stage we know that the victim was, very sadly, killed by the truck.

What the driver may have done to make that happen, or may not have done to prevent it, isn't clear.


That said, merely bringing a Kenworth into an urban area puts risk on vulnerable road users. Thus it is clear that all parties involved in allowing that are at fault.

Maybe - I think we should all wait for more information.

This could have been a flagrant left hook by the truck, but equally it may have been a case of a cyclist undertaking a turning truck (as is tragically common in London).

Or it could have been another scenario altogether.

Got my geography mixed up .... It's actually back near Ikea

More terrible news.  Google actually shows a cyclist crossing Talbot from the footpath if you pan along a bit. Hope it wasnt the truck doing a fast right turn off the Highway into Talbot, you would have no chance. It is a shared path along the highway, at least it is up near Ikea. Not sure about at Talbot, but used it myself recently, to get out of the heavy traffic.

The times I ride along Prices Highway through St. Peter's I use the footpath whether it is a shared path or not. I did ride on the road once (for about 100m) but it fucking terrified me - all the vehicles were too fast and too close.

I used to use the pavement back in my earlier days returning to the bike. I got over that as my confidence grew and now I either ride hard, fast and assertive on the road, or avoid the area altogether - and that usually depends what bike I'm on and how strong my legs are feeling and, naturally, time of day.

It's not a good place to be if you're not a strong, confident and fast rider, for sure.

Question : is it normal to 'establish a crime scene'? Is that a significant detail? 

Maybe it's my Britishness. I'd have called it an 'incident scene' or 'investigation scene'. 'Crime scene' strongly implies (duh) that a crime has occurred.

Which could well be the case, if it is determined someone was negligent or deliberately ran someone else down.

Well, yeah. But my point being that referring to a 'crime scene' when you haven't yet determined if a crime has occurred seems clumsy at best and prejudicial at worst. But maybe that's just getting bogged down in semantics.

I would really like to find out what actually happened though.


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