Cyclist killed by truck, Princes Hwy St Peters 12/11/13

From NSW Police press release:

Cyclist killed in crash - St Peters

Tuesday, 12 November 2013 10:34:03 PM

Police will prepare a report for the Coroner following a fatal motor vehicle collision in St Peters.

About 11.10am today (Tuesday 12 November 2013), a cyclist and a Kenworth Truck collided at the corner of Talbot Street and the Princes Highway.

The 40-year-old cyclist was taken to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, however she died a short time later.

Police from Newtown Local Area Command attended, established a crime scene and with the assistance of the Metropolitan Crash Investigation Unit, commenced inquiries into the incident.

The 49-year-old male truck driver was also taken to hospital for mandatory blood and urine testing.

Inquiries into the incident are continuing.

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I think you've found the solution. Of course (as I know from current experience) you can tell a journalist one thing and they'll write something completely different. But yes, we know there was an incident or accident or that it's being investigated - with the intent of establishing whether a crime was committed or not. So don't call it a crime scene until we know it is/was one.

All this being said, I don't think I'll comment any more on semantics, not so close to the tragedy itself. Time for some reflection before action at a later time.

Well comparing the report with the one from Kissing Point Road a fortnight ago, this time there's a crime scene, two weeks ago, there was a definite "no charges will be laid"and "no implication that the driver was to blame" etc.

So sounds like there is at least some doubt about who did what in the St Peters incident.


Or there is no doubt at all really :-(

I'd say so, it's just poor wording. Basically the Police will have closed the area while the Crash Investigation Unit takes a look at the scene. The Crash Investigation Unit will also look at the road worthiness of both vehicles. Then they will submit their findings to the Coroner. Normal procedure.

Regardless of whether they suspect or even know a crime has been committed, I suspect it's just an easy way of saying "establish a perimeter around the incident to prevent contamination or loss of evidence allow a full investigation of the circumstances behind the tragedy".

Call it something simple like "a crime scene" and people know what you're talking about.

I went over to have a look. There are some small yellow spray can paint marks in the middle of Talbot, a few metres from the highway, with another marking a few metres further along Talbot. Nothing else except a few scratches maybe.

Talbot is the entrance to a large container depot and there were many heavy trucks turning left and right into it, sometimes with a left turner coming out as well. A diabolical place for a cyclist or pedestrian to cross. Should be lights there IMO, or trucks should enter the depot some other way. Right turners were on a downhill and if they saw the lights up ahead were red for oncoming traffic nipped across very quickly into Talbot, hardly slowing as it is a nice wide entry.

I am sure a number of cyclists do use that footpath, because of the traffic and also because there is a shared path starting at the next street south, before IKEA.

I used to work just down the road from here - the trucks do exactly as you say all the time. It's terrifying.

As an aside, that part of Sydney is such a traffic sewer. The few times I rode from St Peters through Newtown along the Princes Hwy are the few times I have copped abuse from irate drivers, had things thrown and been buzzed almost constantly for daring to take a lane. Of course, I always caught up at the next lights and had a nice chat to my fellow road users.

thank you everyone for your kind words and sympathies. Dianna was a very experienced cyclist and to her, her safety was always paramount. I am ,along with all of her family and friends in deep shock and sadness over this terrible tragedy. Please Please be safe everyone. much love.Shauna


I'm very sorry for the loss of your friend.  That's a terrible thing to happen even for those of us who didn't know Dianna.  Much worse for family and friends who are close and for whom she is more than just a headline in the newspaper. 

Thank you for the update and my thoughts are with you all.


Shauna, I don't think I could put it any more eloquently than Eleri, so may I just second Eleri's comments.

Take care.



thank you very much. her friends and family are deeply in mourning for the loss of this beautiful woman.

Thank you so much Shauna for sharing and commemorating an important person.


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