From NSW Police:

A cyclist has died after being struck by a car at Church Point, in Sydney’s north. 

Emergency services were called to Mccarrs Creek Road just before 10am today (Saturday 22 November 2014) after reports a Subaru and cyclist had collided. 

The male cyclist died at the scene. His age is not yet known. 

The 17-year-old male driver was not injured but has been taken to hospital to undergo mandatory blood and urine testing. 

Officers from Northern Beaches Local Area Command have established a crime scene and are investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident.

They’re appealing for anyone who witnessed the crash to come forward.

A report will be prepared for the Coroner.

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Bloody hell.  Was out with a group and we must have passed by moments before this happened.  

Despite its popularity McCarrs Creek Rd is a nasty piece of work.  

McCarrs Creek Rd is a nasty piece of work

With respect, that is bullsh!t.

Yes, McCarrs Ck Rd is narrow and winding but it is very popular with cyclists, a fact which cannot escape the notice of drivers, because it is not a busy road.

If drivers want to use the road while aware that vulnerable road users are likely to be on it they must drive in a safe manner and not run into them.

The road traverses a National Park, a place where environment protection is paramount and there should be no driving like an impatient idiot.

My prejudice radar lights up when I read the words Subaru and 17-year-old male driver, so I will shut up now.

pretty much

tho I'll be cautious until we know what happened

Neil, with respect you're speaking about the way things should be.  

Do not think for a second I'm seeking to place even a scintilla of blame on the victim.

All I was trying to imply was that a fatal accident on this stretch of road does not surprise me.


So far, based on what's written so far, the loss of life and life long impact to the victim's family was entirely avoidable if licensed drivers of well established killing machines exercised the care required.

Whatever.  If you think there's something to be gained by arguing semantics good for you.

I can't be arsed. 

Let's agree to disagree.

At the risk of jinxing myself, I just hope there's at least one person out there who will not call it 'an accident' when I get taken out going about my peaceful legal business and a driver decided to operate their vehicle in such a way that caused it. 

Although, who knows? Maybe a Maccas drink cracked the screen of the car and caused the accident, I always knew McDonalds was bad for me.

It is not semantics, there are lots of bikes on that section of road on the weekend, it is tight and there is no real reason to be on it, other than to be just be on it for the sake of the ride/drive. So I am with Neil. I don't think you are victim blaming or even coming close to anything like that Rohan but Neil is not talking about they way things should be but they way they are. The driver would have been aware that cyclist are on the road, and should have driven appropriately but they did not. Most of the following trail follows that line. If we accept anything less, we are saying it is OK for cars to kill not just cyclist, but pedestrians and children on school crossings and say it was an accident that can't be helped. Of course it can be help, death by carelessness is not an innocent crime. 

"there is no real reason to be on it"

How do you get from Bayview to ride to West Head then?

Awful. Hundreds of cyclists go up and down McCarrs creek road each weekend. Not knowing what happened, it is a winding road with plenty of blind corners.

A lot of people are talking about blind corners on social media. My response is that there is no such thing. If you drive into a corner you should be able to stop in time for any obstacle. The trick is to not drive into tight corners at a speed where you can't stop for emergencies. Driving to the conditions. 

Absolutely right Michael.. I have had far too many near misses cycling on roads like this so I avoid them whenever possible. Very sad news.




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