From NSW Police:

A cyclist has died after being struck by a car at Church Point, in Sydney’s north. 

Emergency services were called to Mccarrs Creek Road just before 10am today (Saturday 22 November 2014) after reports a Subaru and cyclist had collided. 

The male cyclist died at the scene. His age is not yet known. 

The 17-year-old male driver was not injured but has been taken to hospital to undergo mandatory blood and urine testing. 

Officers from Northern Beaches Local Area Command have established a crime scene and are investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident.

They’re appealing for anyone who witnessed the crash to come forward.

A report will be prepared for the Coroner.

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Would a 40kph speed limit on most of it help much? From all my rides there it has been mostly cyclists using it.

This could have been any one of us today.

If I drive it for say kids soccer, I sit on 40 and may touch 45 max. It is the correct speed as anyone heading east/ west or west/ east even into Church Point can use Mona Vale Rd

This could have been any one of us today.

Yes. It could possibly even have been Cadel.

It would help but there would be a real problem of compliance.

Maybe a police presence on weekends might deter boy car racers, but many/some cyclists wouldn't be too pleased either
Would it make a difference? If the Tokyo Drift crowd are doing 120 in 60 zone, I couldn't see them changing their ways of the signs changed to 40.

What might deter them is rumble strips across each corner, but then that would be a bicycle hazard.
Don't give them ideas. Wouldn't have helped in this case if he was on wrong side of road. Need rumble bars on the uphill side!

Maybe a speed camera set to 40 on the straight before the bend would help. There is a 35 advisory sign there now. It's only an advisory sign but it should be obeyed, as it is RMS best estimate of an appropriate speed.

The problem with advisory signs is that some people try to see how much they can exceed that speed through the corner.

When Andrew and I used to ride MCR on his tandem, we always rolled through that corner faster than the advisory sign states (assuming the speedo was accurate) just because of the downhill approach.

Yeas, I think it is ingrained in the average motorist that you can add 10 or 15 "safely". Needs big reeducation campaign. It was only when MG started on about the 2 second stopping distance that I woke up I'll have to admit.

I note the police had the resources to fine 'jaywalkers' at Railway Square today - so I fail to believe it is a resource issue.

If I was cynical I'd say it was political...


To give you a perspective on this particular accident.  I rode in a group about 15 minutes ahead of the accident, coming into Bayview.  Most probably passed the unfortunate party.  When I went to drive up to Terrey Hills at 2:00pm, the road was still closed. 

It happened at the sharp bend of Cicada Creek - just below the bus terminus.  It appears the cyclists were heading down into the corner when the car came from along the park and veered onto the wrong side of the road as he turned left through the turn and collected at least one of the riders.  The police were treating it as a crime scene due to the eyewitness accounts, and there were tarps covering the steel barrier fencing on the outside of the bend. 

There are far worse corners on that stretch of road.  I was surprised it wasn't much further up the hill nearer the top West Head turnoff.  It would seem these particular factors could have been anywhere.  But most notable is the increased reporting of the improved road becoming an increasingly popular speedway for cars and motorcycles.  The Manly Daily was making this point only 2-3 weeks ago.  And here is the inevitable outcome.

I arrived to the accident about 30 seconds after it happened and it was one of the heaviest things I have seen.

Just to give another perspective on this accident..

The blokes bike was nearly 3 meters up in a tree... the windscreen of the car....

Some awesome lady was taking control of the situation and told me to ride ahead and slow down the traffic.. 

I will say I'm still shakin up about it. I'm a MTB bike rider and only ride that part of the road to get to the trails..

I will drive to the trails from now on

Following all the utterances from the Terrorcrap about speeding cyclists on the Anzac bridge SUP we saw inundation of the Anzac and Pyrmont bridges, will we see the police crack down on drag racing etc in this area?

The NSW police Facebook page has become the equivilent of the Terror with the keyboard warriors. They should at least moderate the coments or not allow coments to show respect.


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