Cyclist stopped at intersection waiting to turn right, run over and killed by very large truck and trailer unit in this mornings peak.

This is my worst nightmare!!  Even though I don't know them, condolences to the family

Video from the Brisbane Times lifted from Channel 10

Discussion from Brisbane Cyclist

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Angry at the driver for thinking his* time or schedule was more important than someone elses life or safety.

Angry with him* treating another human being how he* would not want to be treated himself* 

Angry with Australia not taking a stand to engineer conflict points out of infrastructure.

Angry with the piss weak legal system that does not encourage correct driver attitudes to other human beings

Angry with the judicial system that don't cycle because cycling is too dangerous because of the judicial system protecting drivers

Angry with why Cycling is seen as a combat gear-gear specific activity undertaken only by people with a death wish, or from the lowest percentile of social order too insignificant to be concerned about.

Angry this is going to happen again, and it might be me or someone I love.


Sad for the womans loved ones and family.

Sad this is going to happen again.

I recall a distant cousin of mine - now in his 80's - say that the life of a cyclist is worth less than the fine for owning a rabbit trap!  It followed the death of a cyclist on a dangerous bridge in country NSW Wellington when he was hit by a truck.  The truckie was fined less for killing this bloke than he would have been for being caught with a rabbit trap.

No, they are not. Judge says he wanted to send a message, so he gave the driver a suspended sentence!??

Yep, wrong message.  It effectively says that motorists can kill cyclists and get off with a slap on the wrist, and it conflicts with the words in the judgement given!

Yet, compare and contrast with Neil A's example below. Don't think it gets any clearer!

When it comes to effective punishment, cyclists are not worth the paper their birth certificate is printed on.



With every fatality from our brotherhood/sisterhood of low impact transport users (cyclists), a little bit of each one of us dies with them!

Condolences to her friends, colleagues and family.

Why are Dog Trailers even allowed in built up areas?

Meanwhile, in London, cameras for HGVs
Wouldn't have helped in this case.
I think they might have some time of day restrictions too in London.

they scare the crap out of me on a regular basis.

Have a look at the guy who got 3 years gaol for 'sexting' - an entirely appropriate sentence for his crime - but it is a sharp contrast to the weak judicial efforts when a person riding a bicycle is killed.

Tragic and makes me so sick.

I always think twice before I stop at a red light, but in this case I don't think she had much choice. There are a few intersections on my commute where I never stop at a red arrow for, shoot through and double back or turn right in a break in the traffic but NEVER stop on the red. You are a sitting duck if you stop.


Agree. For the southerners, Kent Rd turning right into Coward at Mascot is exactly this type of situation, with the added bonus there is almost always long trucks following you seeking to turn left from Kent via the right lane.

Never stop there on the red by yourself. I know from experience the left turning trucks will NOT stop, and expect you to move (where???) by the time they get there. Lesson learnt!

If there is not already a car waiting to go straight or right you can sit behind, I think the only safe thing you can do is bail right up onto the right-side footpath via a driveway before the intersection.




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