Cyclist stopped at intersection waiting to turn right, run over and killed by very large truck and trailer unit in this mornings peak.

This is my worst nightmare!!  Even though I don't know them, condolences to the family

Video from the Brisbane Times lifted from Channel 10

Discussion from Brisbane Cyclist

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Of course, it is a very serious matter when the people who die are in a car.

Isn't it amazing that the other truck drivers and company weren't aware of this driver's habits / behaviour. Almost certainly turned a blind eye to this not dissimilar to RMS / RTA / VicRoads .... they must have known that some companies had pathetic maintenance and drug affected drivers.  It was only following the horrific crashes that Gay finally got off his butt.  

This is so shocking and so sad. Not the first time in Brisbane either. But those of us that ride on the streets are not really surprised. Probably many drivers aren't either. Cyclists obeying traffic lights are often sitting ducks.

What better evidence is there that we must change the culture on the roads? The roads are not there so MVs can get from A to B ever faster and at ever lower cost. They are there for all people to move about in a practical, civil, safe, economical, healthy and environmentally low-impact way. Urban speed limits are ridiculous. Prioritising dangerous vehicles over vulnerable ones is bad government. Failing to provide safe options for everyday people to choose and use bicycles is bad government. We need better representatives in government and we need them now.

Hear, hear.

But also adding in that prioritising almost all public investment in more roads, and more motor vehicles to the exclusion of proper mass transit and transport systems that cater to all people means we let all but the most incompetent people drive. They then remain largely free from effective sanction for offences in order to prevent their social and economic exclusion from society in the absence of proper transport options.

"We need better representatives in government and we need them now."

Not only for cycling, but for everything else too!  - From the brown paper bag democracy capital of NSW.


fully agree. please to gods , let this happen 

These words strike a chord.

"It's not just the deaths of these three people you love but it is also the way it happens," he said. "You go through the nightmares of waking up at 2 in the morning, thinking of them being crushed to death by a monster truck, thinking about what their final seconds may have been."

Read more:

Wishing, in both cases, their loved ones can overcome the dreadful episode inflicted on their lives.


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