Cyclist killed, Liverpool Road / Cosgrove Road in South Strathfield 3/Oct/2018

A cyclist has died following a collision with a truck on a major road in Sydney's inner west.

Emergency services were called to Liverpool Road (Hume Highway) at Cosgrove Road in South Strathfield about 3.45pm on Wednesday afternoon.

A spokesman for NSW Ambulance said the man in his 50s "appears to have gone under the truck" which was "turning left onto the Hume Highway".

He was unconscious and not breathing when paramedics arrived, and declared deceased at the scene, the spokesman said.

The man is yet to be formally identified.

When will NSW take these seriously?

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“Appears to have gone under the truck”

more likely the truck has run over the cyclist when turning left. 

Bottom of the hill from where I work, I hate that crossing, I choose to carry my bike up the pedestrian bridge and go nowhere near the Hume Highway. 

classic left hook

Yup - could be truck passed the rider, slowed and turned left OR the rider was undertaking. Either scenario should have been designed out of the intersection.

I'm pretty game on the bike but I would never ride on the Hume Highway - which is sad. These direct routes are cruicial to get people cycling from A to B.

Would love to know if the rider was ever fined for footpath cycling... this is an issue with the crazy penalties. Instances where it is safer to break the "law" than to obey it might be avoided due to the $$$ in fines... I like to think I would disregard the stupid laws to stay alive but for some people $450 might be eating Vs not eating.



Too true, my wife and daughter have stopped riding due to Enmore Road, King Street nightmare, all very good to have Wilson street, but I haven't worked out how you teleport to get there.

Dear old Duncan Gay will go down in history as one of the great vandals of Sydney. 

Those 2, I just take the lane and f'em. With wife and daughter, maybe not.


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