Cyclist pelted with ‘ice filled’ cup from passing car - Newcastle

Hopefully this is an isolated incident and the rider is OK. 

Worth noting that there is no mention of Police involvement yet.

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So that they don't have to do anything, they'll claim it was an ice-olated incident.

If they wanted the police involve just say the cyclist wasn't having a bell.

BAM! they'll be there in with blaring and flashing sirens and a drawn tazer 

Or if the driver or passenger was related to a lawyer or politician, they'll be over for a cuppa double-quick too.

Last summer I got a whole large sized smoothy lobbed at me in Brookvale. It scared the crap out of me at the time and went all over me from the shoulder down my right hand side. Two young guys in a small car, laughing......

Luckily, no ice!

I chased them into Warringah Mall car park which scared the crap out of them when I appeared next to them and gave them an absolute earful.

I heard from an LACC rider (who shall remain nameless) who was also hit with a smoothie whilst cycling along  Lyons Road (Five Dock area).

He caught up to the offenders, and had one of them half way out the window of the car whilst providing a solid earful.

I've chased drivers down for less - I know we should not really engage but judging facial expressions it will make the morons think twice next time. Had a guy so keen to get away he ran a red light and almost hit two cars going through a roundabout - his face was priceless from smug/safe to OMG FML run run run.


I never heard about the Five Dock incident.

My policy is not to engage - lecturing or screaming abuse hasn't changed anybody's behaviour in the past..

In the smoothy case, I broke with policy because what they did could have knocked me into the gutter, and because the opportunity to catch them presented itself. When I caught up with them they were through the boomgate in inside the carpark and couldn't get away. I gave the back of their car a big whack and told them in no uncertain terms that they could end up in jail if their stupid trick did knock somebody off their bike and kill them. They looked suitably shocked that I'd tracked them down so quickly. They were so stunned they never said a word. I said my bit and rode off. Hopefully they woke up a little...... Or not.

I felt better.


Yeah i try to hold back - but being pelted or almost rammed makes it hard. Plus I get home in a foul mood and burden the people there with my tale of woe. Better to get it out.

The few people I have caught and/or tried to drag out of their car probably won't have a crack at any more cyclists. Still it is not a good idea.

I've known so many people who have been assaulted or had objects thrown at them, or bums smacked whilst on the bike. One guy moved overseas so he could cycle in safety - his job was transferable lucky him.

For any progress we see it seems hopeless - I have a 7.5 year old who loves to ride but I secretly hope he gives it up. Won 4 out of 4 races on the track in Bathurst last Saturday, put on a clinic in the U9's, lives to cycle, but Sydney motorists...


I've had very little trouble lately.

Texting drivers worries me more than anything else these days.

I have a 15yo daughter who is a keen rider, but she's not allowed on the road unless she's with me. Sad.

I remember riding somewhere back in the 80's in electric blue knicks (as we did back then!) and getting my bum slapped by a passing car full of girls.

Those were the days ;-) 


My policy is not to engage unless there is certainty of damaging their property or themselves without risk to myself.

If I could drop a fridge on them from 3 floors up, I would.

I`ve had a McDonalds cup of part cola and ice thrown at me while I was riding towards to Helensvale station from Southport after finishing the Brissie 2 Gold Coast 100km ride but he missed it by about 60cm in 2011 by a passenger in a moving car.

There`s a law of having part of your body out of moving vehicle and littering from vehicles.

In NSW, the offences states with 3 demerit point shown as below, but there`s one in every state.

For littering from vehicle, it`s not the police job but they had stated that you`d have to report it to EPA with the form and info with proof and contact # within 14 days.

No proof means no action unless you`d have the video evidence.

in my experience EPA do issues fines based on evidence given by a single observer, although video evidence helps. Evidence needs to be accurate and detailed and you need to be willing to go to court if it is contested.  


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