Cyclists get a bad deal, even in cycling paradise Copenhagen!

Some great stuff here, I especially like

The arrogance of space

Copenhagenize analysed a section of Hans Christian Andersen Boulevard to show how much space was given over to motor vehicles (red), compared with bikes (blue), pedestrians (yellow) and buses (green). Across the city bikes are used for 62% of commutes; yet get 7% of space. Cars are used for 9% of commutes; yet get 54% of space

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What strikes me is that with proper design, Copenhagen shows that providing good infrastructure for cyclists does not come at significant cost (lost of amenity) to motorists.


Good point  Richard.

And this is a good example to provide to those who state that cyclists hold up traffic, if those cyclists were driving it would be gridlock galore

I wonder how much of 'car lanes' is actually 'car and bike lanes'.

As speeds drop, this becomes more possible and the need for bike lanes diminishes.

Click bait!!!

- great article


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