Cyclists share water bottle with thirsty koala

This was too cute to resist posting:

Anyone else had any interesting wildlife encounters while on their bikes?

(apart from stinky roadkill that is!)

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Those photos are adoreable! I want a koala!
Are you sure it wasn't a drop bear?

You can't be too careful these days.

I nearly hit a brown bear mountain biking in Whistler but it was a bit easier to spot.

You had me cracked up at work with that shot. How on earth did you get it?

This is not humorous but I think very cute - taken when we were at Kangaroo Island January 2007.

Crikey sorry David

Don't even own a camera.

Stole it off Facebook, You can become a fan of Drop Bears.
I forwarded it to a couple of North American Messengers who are coming to Australia after the World Championships in Tokyo this year.

Wonder if they'll believe it or not?
You could show them what we find sunbaking on our beaches too - also taken when we were at Kangaroo Island January 2007.

Kangaroo Island eh.

Did you camp at Snake Lagoon Madame?

How about those pushy possums, They just don't understand the meaning of Harassment.

No, I didn't see Snake Lagoon - where is it? We were with English friends and I think the name would have put them off.

I don't mind snakes, myself, though I don't like swimming with them (that happened one January long weekend on the Cowmung River.....but that's another story.
snake lagoon Is in the Flinders chase National Park i think
Photographer link

i didn't see any snakes there but we got mugged by a bunch of Possums. We were told not to feed the animals but we didn't get told that the animals would jump on you and try to wrestle the food from your hands.

I think thats how i contracted touringitis.
I don't remember Snake Lagoon but we did go to Flinders Chase NP. We will never forget the possums in Tasmania at Freycinet NP though. My husband got up in the middle of the night because a possum had got into our garbage bag. The possum bit him really hard on his finger (drawing blood) in the fight over who should get to keep the garbage bag.

We have, as usual, digressed a long way from cycling though........oops
Its a great ride to Snake Lagoon.
Echidna bulldozing through the roadside shrubbery in Lane Cove Nat Pk. Good thing to avoid running over due to puncture hazard (and not just of the tyres if it brings you down!). Swamp wallaby hopping across the road in same park. Wildlife is in the suburbs!


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