Cyclists to be told to walk across Sydney Harbour Bridge Cycleway?

Cyclists are to be instructed to walk together with pedestrians between 8am and 12 noon on 15th, 20th, 24th and 28th January 2011 while 12,000 visitors from Amway China walk the Harbour Bridge. This is reported in the North Sydney Traffic Committee agenda - Item 4:07  which meets Friday 26 November.

Bike North asks that you send polite emails to North Sydney Council ( asking for their support in discarding this impractical proposal for mixed use of the cycleway. This would be not
only a huge convenience to people cycling to work but also a danger to
pedestrians and cyclists.

UPDATE: Department of Premier and Cabinet has been identified as the organisers and approval body.

Please send your polite emails to:

Department of Premier and Cabinet:
The Premier:
Minister for Roads - David Borger:
Your local MP

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Update : received a letter of acknowledgement from Premier of NSW

"I write in response to your recent email to the Premier concerning the Amway
Harbour Bridge Walk and cycleways.
As the matter you have raised concerns the administration of the Minister for Roads,
The Hon David Borger MP, your email has been forwarded to the Minister for
You may be sure that your letter will receive close consideration.
Yours sincerely
David Swain
for Director General"

Maybe we should distribute a few flyers during the Critical Mass too!
sounds like it will get passed around between minsiters often enough that you will recieve your reply after the fact.
Hmmm... good point.
Perhaps I'll send him a nudge complete with the number of (working) days left to the first date as a countdown.
Very funny, reads like David Thorne wrote it.

There IS another dedicated cycleway in fact, Faulconbridge along the Great Western Highway.
Unmaintained and overgrown tho.
I got this from Clover's electorate office this morning:
Clover has asked a Question in Parliament on this matter.
While the Minister has several weeks to respond, we hope it will stimulate a rethink within the RTA.

Roy Bishop
Electorate Officer for Clover Moore MP


Link to question here.

That's awesome.
Sounds like Amway and ALP have much in common :)
Thank you to everyone who has sent polite emails to the Department on this subject.

There is a great deal of action going on behind the scenes - in particular Bicycle NSW have been very helpful, as well as the Lord Mayor with her questions to parliament, so hopefully there will be a resolution.

This has rated at least one mention in the SMH Diary . I have been told its probably not the last we'll hear from them. That item in the SMH Diary does mention the fund raising aspect and I have heard that they are intending their proposed charity (or one anyone) is that which makes special bikes available for children with special needs.
Looking on the Amway Aust website they support Freedom Wheels
i bet charity wasn't the original motive for the event


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