Cyclists to be told to walk across Sydney Harbour Bridge Cycleway?

Cyclists are to be instructed to walk together with pedestrians between 8am and 12 noon on 15th, 20th, 24th and 28th January 2011 while 12,000 visitors from Amway China walk the Harbour Bridge. This is reported in the North Sydney Traffic Committee agenda - Item 4:07  which meets Friday 26 November.

Bike North asks that you send polite emails to North Sydney Council ( asking for their support in discarding this impractical proposal for mixed use of the cycleway. This would be not
only a huge convenience to people cycling to work but also a danger to
pedestrians and cyclists.

UPDATE: Department of Premier and Cabinet has been identified as the organisers and approval body.

Please send your polite emails to:

Department of Premier and Cabinet:
The Premier:
Minister for Roads - David Borger:
Your local MP

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Why can't the Amway people use the normal pedestrian path on the eastern side? The views are better from there anyway. I'm sure it can cope with the extra people.
The event is being held on the eastern path. Pedestrians not involved in the event are to be directed to the cycleway.
OK, didn't read it properly. Still don't see why Amway need exclusive access. I will write a letter to council to complain.
I haven't been pesterd by an Amway person trying to flog cleaning product for a long time. I thought myabe they had faded away, but now they have a new way to annoy us :)
they are all from China I think, or maybe all Asia. Amway is very big in China and Korea.

Still it is pretty outrageous for them to be given exclusive use of the bridge at those times during the Summer holidays, and to disrupt commuting.
If it is OK to make cyclists go away (i.e not be cyclists), then it is OK put the cyclists on the normal traffic lanes (and organize safety for that to happen).

Happily there will be cyclists on the normal traffic lanes on this Friday night, good.
Alternatively, why dont they get the peds to walk on the road and get car drivers to walk with them?
Sent them an email and suggested that they redirect pedestrains to the train stations and provide them free tickets across the bridge instead
The image of hundreds of drivers pushing their cars across the bridge just made me snort coffee all over my screen. My wife is now sure I'm crazy.
I could understand this it it was for a major civic or cultural event etc.

But for AMWAY?
Hear, hear. Just what I was thinking, Herzog.


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