Cyclists to be told to walk across Sydney Harbour Bridge Cycleway?

Cyclists are to be instructed to walk together with pedestrians between 8am and 12 noon on 15th, 20th, 24th and 28th January 2011 while 12,000 visitors from Amway China walk the Harbour Bridge. This is reported in the North Sydney Traffic Committee agenda - Item 4:07  which meets Friday 26 November.

Bike North asks that you send polite emails to North Sydney Council ( asking for their support in discarding this impractical proposal for mixed use of the cycleway. This would be not
only a huge convenience to people cycling to work but also a danger to
pedestrians and cyclists.

UPDATE: Department of Premier and Cabinet has been identified as the organisers and approval body.

Please send your polite emails to:

Department of Premier and Cabinet:
The Premier:
Minister for Roads - David Borger:
Your local MP

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beat me to it!

Avoid all the fuss, they should ride!!! In which case We'd love to have them.
There is significantly less traffic in January; but the 28th?! is a concern. There's always a log jam after Australia Day (26th) as everyone returns to work and school starts etc. 28th is a Friday. School goes back on the 28th! (although how many kids are going to actually go back on a friday? is that a 'teachers' day perhaps.
We need to fill the cycle path just prior to the event and when told to walk we simply get off the bikes and stand there - as it is currently illegal to walk across the bridge on the cycle path and as has been mentioned previously, the status of this has not been clarified. Once the event is over, we start riding again.

Who's up for a bit of non violent protests?
The SHB is close to the middle of my commute and I am always keen to have a rest.
BYO deck chairs?
They don't say at what speed you will be required to walk across either. Explain how difficult it is to walk any faster than 1km/hr in those shoes - if only the event organisers had listened to cyclists when they brought this to their attention during the "public consultation" meetings.
Don't block the cycleway & peds - it's not their fault. Beside RTA won't give a toss.

To protest the closure in a way that gets their attention, take to the traffic lanes instead since the cycleway effectively is being closed. Less time waste for cyclists and not affecting the peds who are not at fault in this problem.

It won't hold up cars stuff in traffic jams for long and they can just change lanes.
1. We should walk in two's or three's side by side with our bikes, as we will be wearing cleats we will be walking very slowly. A bit of payback for the ped lemmings.
2. Will they be stopping the morning joggers from running across also?
3. Ride over anyway as the usual bridge security don't look very scary.
4. Everyone should arrive at 8am on the first day for a group walk over the bridge. Maybe a spot of brekkie in the middle. Amway are getting there own event why don't we.
Don't take it out on the pedestrians - they didn't ask for this, and we are all pedestrians at some stage of the day.

Direct your frustrations at the Govt and Amway.
Exactly. Imagine being a ped that day wanting to cross the bridge south to north - and being made to walk on the cycling side with a bunch of cyclists who are ignoring the direction to push their bikes and instead go hurtling along at speed. Not at all pleasant.
It'll be like - the Iron Cove Bridge or Anzac Bridge.
Indeed, however I expect most cyclists will ride as usual.

Most places cyclists are told to 'dismount' or become pedestrians they will ride anyway. Who would walk a perfectly good bicycle for a kilometre just because someone says you must walk?

The authorities haven't thought this through.
Its outside of peak anyway so there will be few of both i suspect. If not - cyclists should just go earlier or later than the time. But yes big inconvenience.


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