Cyclists to be told to walk across Sydney Harbour Bridge Cycleway?

Cyclists are to be instructed to walk together with pedestrians between 8am and 12 noon on 15th, 20th, 24th and 28th January 2011 while 12,000 visitors from Amway China walk the Harbour Bridge. This is reported in the North Sydney Traffic Committee agenda - Item 4:07  which meets Friday 26 November.

Bike North asks that you send polite emails to North Sydney Council ( asking for their support in discarding this impractical proposal for mixed use of the cycleway. This would be not
only a huge convenience to people cycling to work but also a danger to
pedestrians and cyclists.

UPDATE: Department of Premier and Cabinet has been identified as the organisers and approval body.

Please send your polite emails to:

Department of Premier and Cabinet:
The Premier:
Minister for Roads - David Borger:
Your local MP

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This bit from Stoner is interesting:

Still, as Andrew Stoner, the opposition roads spokesman, told us: ''The situation that cyclists crossing the bridge will have to put up with - road closures, slow travel times and mixed-use corridors - is something Sydney motorists and public transport users have to put up with on a daily basis.''

We should ride the main deck of the bridge on those days. Who's up for it?
I was thinking something similar.

Shows where the Opposition's priorities will lie when in government: "Cyclists? Stuff 'em! Why should they be allowed to get around freely when all the important people in single-occupant cars are stuck in traffic."

Who said arrogance and stupidity were the sole province of the Labor state govt?
I'm campaigning for a hung parliament :)
Or, as Dabba is fond of suggesting: Two terms for MPs. One in Parliament, the second in gaol.
I would prefer to be able just to kick politicians in the balls for every unhelpful statement they make.

It's not about cycling per se, but just the complete lack of helpfulness or will to improve almost anything, except their retirement funds.
"Or, as Dabba is fond of suggesting: Two terms for MPs. One in Parliament, the second in gaol."

Problem is it seems like this happens in the reverse order.
Vote for me!
i shall vote green, if they let me vote at all. They didn't last time. And they sent me a fine notice!
I think so too, bit of a deviation for me since I ordinarily use Gladesville Bridge but will try to join at least one morning crossing that way.

Be best if it is done as a bike bus with safe numbers.

Otherwise could put in a form/notice to the cops I suppose.
Thought I saw something about the Amway event being changed to 10 to 12 ? Cant seem to find it now.
Correct, see thread Reply by back street boy on November 22, 2010 at 2:33pm
This thread has got too big :-)
If it has been changed I guess that is something of a compromise. Most commuters will be in the City by then. Still, a protest would be in order. Maybe an Amway party outside Parliament House.


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