Cyclists to be told to walk across Sydney Harbour Bridge Cycleway?

Cyclists are to be instructed to walk together with pedestrians between 8am and 12 noon on 15th, 20th, 24th and 28th January 2011 while 12,000 visitors from Amway China walk the Harbour Bridge. This is reported in the North Sydney Traffic Committee agenda - Item 4:07  which meets Friday 26 November.

Bike North asks that you send polite emails to North Sydney Council ( asking for their support in discarding this impractical proposal for mixed use of the cycleway. This would be not
only a huge convenience to people cycling to work but also a danger to
pedestrians and cyclists.

UPDATE: Department of Premier and Cabinet has been identified as the organisers and approval body.

Please send your polite emails to:

Department of Premier and Cabinet:
The Premier:
Minister for Roads - David Borger:
Your local MP

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Keep Amway off our bridge and out of our homes campaign is now only hope of stopping closure.
Everyone can help by spreading the word, especially at work. Consider putting notices on your bike, car, local shop etc and of course letting Amway know of your actions.
To this end can anyone help with perhaps a foreign order for posters and leaflet printing and handout at bridge entrances and surrounding area. Please contact me at if you can assist.
I disagree with your first statement. A walk on the pedestrian side can easily be done without impacting on us riding the cycleway. I have no problem with the walk itself.

There are still discussions happening and I am still hopeful of a resolution. But certainly keeping the polite emails going to the Dept is very useful.
You can also use twitter to contact KKK @KKeneally


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