We advocate for kids to ride to schools on the grounds that it is good for their health and for the environment. But we also have worried a bit about the danger behind the traffic congestion around schools.

 There is no safe way to have so many kids delivered to schools by car. Whilst it remains such a dominant way of kids getting to school, the danger the cars represent further discourages cycling. Isn't it time for Sydney to get serious about this? Cycling is safer.

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.. bingo.

The driver ... had driven into the school's staff-only carpark to drop off a child.

Some parents are given permission from the principal to use staff car parks if their child has a disability or the parent has a disability.
interesting to see what transpires, police may have gone softer if that was the case. I wonder if lack of Active Transport options or promotion at the school will get a mention in the court case or coroners?

.. and that does indeed seem to be the case here.

Yes - I heard she was a volunteer at the school, and therefore entitled to park in the carpark.

Another step to absolving the driver of any blame.


I seem to remember the issue up near the Fort Street School near the observatory. The head teacher there was concerned that with the amount of cars and bicycles in the area around school pick up and drop off times it was only a matter of time before someone got hurt. The councils solution was to make cycling slightly more difficult around the area rather than reducing cars. I don't remember the full details now but it was along those lines.


A couple of other threads too, searched on "fort street school".

Has anything changed there after all the promised cycleway upgrades?

The 'upgrade' didn't change anything, and in particular they did not change the positioning of the intersection relative to the ramp - ie the place where cyclists collide with each other.

its understandable that the ramp be narrow enough to exclude cars so that we don't have some idiot / terrorist etc drive onto the bridge, but its not understandable that the exclusion narrow simultaneously be the exit of a tight 75 degree curve.

There was a child run over and killed by a mother in the teachers car park at the local school sometime ago. Sadly people make foolish mistakes on a regular basis with tragic consequences. Every school needs cycle paths leading to it, drop off zones and regular policing of parking/drop off zones including random cameras to charge and fine misbehaving parents. Time to use technology to protect our children from foolish mistakes of their parents and minders.

I don't think they still do it, but i vaguely recall Sacred Heart Primary School in Mosman physically closing off a section of Cardinal Street with gates at certain times during the day. Rusty memories from the 90s, but an interesting idea.

Oatley public school still does this, but in this case Neville st bisects the campus. If kids want to ride to this school they need  a bike/scooter licence, which requires comprehensive knowledge of the road rules, although this is not tested it is just a "i will follow all road rules". Parents with cars don't need to sign anything though and some continue to flout the road rule, go figure.. 

There is no safe way to have so many kids delivered to schools by car.

But it`s not the cars as there`s too many SUVs been coming to drop offs and pick ups and it`s  really dangerous around the schools.

There should be a law to ban these SUVs from congregating around the schools and be banned for about 500mtrs from schools where children congregates.

Why not introduce the $2,000+ fines and 4 demerit points for SUVs the breaches the rules,so it will make it safer for children around the schools?

No drop off or pick up at schools with exception of disability children permits.

Expect the outrage of lazy parents.


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