We advocate for kids to ride to schools on the grounds that it is good for their health and for the environment. But we also have worried a bit about the danger behind the traffic congestion around schools.

 There is no safe way to have so many kids delivered to schools by car. Whilst it remains such a dominant way of kids getting to school, the danger the cars represent further discourages cycling. Isn't it time for Sydney to get serious about this? Cycling is safer.

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I don't believe it should fall to concerned Parents to beg motorists to not drive dangerously or drive through classrooms.

Well - given that most dangerous driving around schools is by parents themselves, it may be best if its the concerned ones who are giving them an earful, IMHO.

Motorist parents don't cause issues due to malice. They drive that way through ignorance and lack of care.

Remind them of the dangers they pose.  Get some parents patrolling the drop off zones for a week and having a quiet chat to drivers who are not behaving themselves or posing a risk to children or peds.

Get the local cops around for a couple of mornings to pull up those doing illegal u-turns, double parking, stopping in the wrong spot, etc.  Most local patrols would be more than happy to do so if requested by the P&C.

Let's hope P&Cs get some new Active Transport parents after this latest incident. Let's hope Principals grow some backbone too and go for the parents who drive, particularly if they live within walking or cycling range.

Here is an idea, park your car (bike in back) near the school at night, walk or ride home, getting your exercise. Next morning, walk or ride to school, hop in car and drive to work, if you must. Side benefit, streets near school are parked out before school, deterring others from driving. Hmm, probably just lead to more double parking.

I can only speak for my local school but the Principal would want to be armed or stupid to approach offending motorists. They should also be able to focus on running their school.

I've spoken to my 7 year old son about it - he now knows he is not safe in classrooms. I drill him on how to stay alive on or near roads every single day. It shows in his fear of roads/road like areas. 

We're safe at home as the shared paths (not roads) that run around our walled community have 20 speed limit - the design is such that exceeding that speed is difficult. People still try - but the community keeps putting in more speed humps at $5,000 a pop.


Go the SLOP

All good suggestions :-)

You should check out how St Ambrose do it, seems to be reasonable well organised, ie kids are inside, parents drive past with surname on a plastic card hanging from passenger visor, teacher calls kid out, proceeds to car, no other stopping allowed.

Would require all parents to come from the North, proceeding South along Queen st, otherwise you don't get picked up.

The only solution that all these "caring" people will allow is one with their pride and joy front and centre - cars.

I've seen video of schools in the US. with cars queued up, 10 cars advance at a time, kids exit, as all kids clear of cars the next 10 are waved forward.

Also seen video of schools in Europe... bicycles everywhere and very few cars to be seen.

I know which path all the "caring" Aussies will choose.


It is sad to think that the main hazard for children riding to school are the parents that are taking their children to school. 

I remember reading an article about traffic patterns. It showed the dramatic change in traffic between school holidays and school days.  Without all those parents in a rush ridding to school would be a very good option.

one thing I don't understand.. the incident occurred within the school, in what looks like the staff car park.

The sign out the front says no parents to enter down that long drive to get to the carpark.

Have a look at the chaos outside any school in the morning or afternoon. No one pays any attention to any sign.

There is zero enforcement by anyone. The schools are powerless.

Go along some day you are free - you won't understand it because it makes no sense and you will be left wondering why more kids are not killed.

Apologies if I am sounding a bit agro... but my kids walk/scoot and cycle to school and if they are not on their game or are in the wrong classroom they will be killed without hesitation and I'll get some thoughts and prayers.

People would rather deal with dead kids than slow down or be inconvenienced until it is their kid. Then too late.


My daughter's school has repeatedly threatened to close off the dropoff loop through the carpark next door due to stupid behaviour but they never actually do. It's like dealing with kids, if you never follow through on the punishment it means nothing. She's one of two kids in her class who get themselves to school (5th grade), sad really.

It's time for society to stand up and point out that saying "sorry " when someone has been killed or sustained life changing injuries because of the stupidity / negligence of another just doesn't cut the mustard! 

Two answers, wilful disregard of the sign, or maybe doesn't read English too well. Or a third, too busy on the mobile to notice. Or a fourth, the driver has done it before and no one picked up on it, so they continued to do it. I wonder if a boom gate might be going in.


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