We advocate for kids to ride to schools on the grounds that it is good for their health and for the environment. But we also have worried a bit about the danger behind the traffic congestion around schools.

 There is no safe way to have so many kids delivered to schools by car. Whilst it remains such a dominant way of kids getting to school, the danger the cars represent further discourages cycling. Isn't it time for Sydney to get serious about this? Cycling is safer.

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Beyond thoughts & prayers no one cares besides the two broken families - and hopefully someones insurer/s. 

Our local school has to lock gates, station Principal at a crossing twice a day, send home letters and alerts on the school app but still parents do the most outrageously unsafe things every single day. All while being observed by said Principal.

Our school locks the gates as begging parents not to drive in did not work. Police won't go near a school at peak times - imagine the paperwork as 1,000 motorists break the law? No thanks. Cyclists to chase.


they probably think it's the councils job, after all the drivers are licensed and paid for the road.

"thoughts & prayers" the standard phrase to be used after each future mass shooting in US and driver actions leading to other peoples death

James I can't agree that no one cares. I certainly do. Millions of people do. Surely you don't mean it the way it reads.

Rephrase "no one cares enough to stop driving in and around schools" or just driving in general.

Not sure if you are a LOTR fan but when Aragorn says in Helmsdeep "Is there no other way?" - that is me when we have to go somewhere and wife suggest driving. I will literally exhaust all other avenues before contemplating driving. That should be the norm - but like I say no one really cares.

I will happily fully retract if the NSW government with popular support bans school drop off by car, or limits ownership of vehicles over certain size/power, or brings in real driver testing and annual retesting but yeah let's not hold our breathe.


James, not sure where in Sydney you live but here where I live lots of public primary schools have changed their signs to express condolescenes. There are a lot of school communities who are hurting right now. Your comment that people don’t care isn’t correct.

I also suggest that you speak to your Principal and ask them to contact their school liaison police officer (all schools have one) to get the cops down to fine people.

If you haven’t done so already, I suggest booking a time with the Principal, arming yourself with the NSW CHARTER OF ACTIVE TRAVEL FOR CHILDREN and asking the principal how you can support the school to achieve the outcomes of the charter. Schools now have three year strategic directions and your feedback should include comments about active travel. Find a teacher or like minded parents and tell them how you can help them support active travel and improve infrastructure. Join the P&C and push your agenda. Look at what other schools have done. My local school is known As ‘that cycling school’...and no it’s not Bourke street.

As BikeSaint says ‘Don’t get mad, get organised.

Concord West - as far as I know we have no real P&C. Disbanded.

Principal has tried everything. Locking the gate has helped - but a teacher could just as easily drive into a classroom/kids. I've seen kids chase a ball rolling down into the car park.

People care more about their convenience than kids lives. Check out how people drive - and not just in school zones. This incident is tragic but is it really any less so than the the autistic kid and pregnant carer who were killed? Or the 13 year old in Victoria?

Life goes on, thoughts and prayers, keep driving like assclowns. End of. We'll have more road carnage by the end of the week and it is Thursday.

I used to be angry about it - now I'm more despondent, and have had internal conversations about accepting being killed/maimed cycling to work or losing a child to road violence. People have to realise the sun will still rise, bills will arrive and you just have to deal with.


Concord West - as far as I know we have no real P&C. Disbanded.

Well -- there's only the current crop of parents to blame for that, I'm afraid.

All volunteer organisations need, shock, volunteers.

Schools should have little of nothing to do with road safety - they should not even have to waste time teaching it.

Motorists should understand the risk they pose and drive accordingly and sparingly. To assist with this the government should make driving almost impossible for short trips and single occupant single destination travel - alternatively make alternatives to privately owned vehicles attractive.

If I had the time I'd volunteer, tough when both parents work full-time and have 2 small kids and a Sydney mortgage. But by the logic I'm feeling here is that a school without a P&C would have no one to advocate for their kids safety? Surely I'm mistaken.

Anyway this case is CLOSED - parents forgive the driver - anyone one of us could have driven into a staff only carpark with the most powerful vehicle we can afford specifically designed to plough through rough/difficult terrain.

Like in the Kevin Quintal case the driver will probably no even be convicted. No jury will convict a motorist for something "we would all do without a moments thought".
I note the NSW Police are trying, they tacked on less serious charges, just in case a jury decides the motorist is guilty of some misdemeanor.

Business as usual across the state with school drop off today no doubt. I bet we get a phone alert or newsletter with a photo of kids on, dressed up in hi-vis collectively begging motorists for their lives.

I need to let go :S worst headaches thinking about this on the ride home last night. 


If I had the time I'd volunteer, tough when both parents work full-time and have 2 small kids and a Sydney mortgage.

I'm sorry - but every other parent in the school is making the same excuses regarding the P&C.  Which is why it doesn't exist.

Schools should have little of nothing to do with road safety - they should not even have to waste time teaching it.

"Won't someone do something?"

Guess what - a P&C lobbying the local council and RMS is a very very good place to start.

James. The next P&C meeting was 7.30pm the night you said there was no P&C and that no one cares. Perhaps its you that doesn't care. Sorry. Just check at the school's website. It’s a great way to be in tune with your children's community.

The P&C had issues, they may or may not be resolved. Falling out with school and a bunch of parents quit. No idea where they are at now - or if anyone went to the last meeting. 

I don't believe it should fall to concerned Parents to beg motorists to not drive dangerously or drive through classrooms. Motorists who do so should not so easily be forgiven or acquitted in courts. Smacks a bit of Stockholm Syndrome.

I would prefer practical demonstrations of this caring. I.e. not driving anywhere near schools.

The brother of Michele Scarponi who was killed in Italy by a van driver focused on his mobile recently said:

"Perhaps it's time to leave the car in the garage instead of using it to drive a few metres to our children's school, the shops or the bar," he wrote. "A healthy, sustainable and safe way of life depends on how we use the roads. Whether we like it or not, and as much as we believe ourselves to be innocent, we are all involved and all potentially guilty of a massacre."

When people start leaving their cars at home then I will know they care. 


The trouble is it is not good enough to attribute blame. I'm disgusted that our governments don't work out (better) what is good and ensure it happens. Much of the time governments do what lobbyists ask them to do. In the US there are 4 medical industry lobbyists per member of congress and look where that gets them.

(Unfortunately), we have to be activist. Your passion and knowledge would be quite valuable. All politics is local.


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