Danish Cyclists to get RFID tags to trigger traffic lights

"As part of a pilot program to encourage biking, the city has engineered a popular intersection to be responsive to bikers. Riders carrying an RFID tag that triggers a sensor, turning the light green in their favor. By making the streets more bike friendly, city planners hope that they can cut car congestion and pollution."


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Having a green flow is everyones dream a bit like https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2014/08/every-city-should-give-seniors-a...

Of course, unique RFID (ie tracking? ) or generic would be the first question.

the article doesn't mention the RFID being unique. They could all have the same ID (i.e., 0000000001). If they are unique, you could set up an RFID swap party, meet up at the pub, dump the RFID tags in a bowl, then pull out a random tag. Bit like a swinger's party, without the swinging ;)

maybe each RFID tracks the speed of the rider so they can estimate the time taken to get from the sensor to the green light and how much allowance to give them to cross it....  Something like the senior citizen ID in the link above

RFIDs can also be used to find stolen bikes. Might be interesting if someone nicked your bike and the traffic lights stayed red for them, or the system alerted you to where your bike was. 



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