It is interesting how the RTA have not learned from issues with the M5. When I was working at Customs House Sydney International Airport, I would watch the road become a car park in the peak periods. Now they look like they want to ruin my old stomping ground and probably some of Sydney's bike routes. See the article How are we going to get it through to them that the answer is not more space devoted to cars?


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Hmm? Is this title an Oxymoron?
It is.

My own experience of them is no deal. They wouldn't even honour their own design specification following road work, and resorted to lying to me about it. I had their spec in front of me at the time.

Sydney would be a lot better if we could eliminate RTA (and Railcorp).

One thing they did tell me that was a bit more honest was that I need not maintain my drivers license issued by them, thus saving their fat fee. They explained that under the Geneva Convention my EU license has to be honored in Oz, so long as I have a residence in the EU.

Interesting that they were able to tell me that, and not trot out the usual fib that you are required to get a NSW within 90 days of getting a residence in NSW.

So there's a tip for anyone else in the same boat to save a shilling.
I suspect the RTA could be "flying the kite" but their own website lists no other "alternatives" being considered and the way their marketing people have pitched the piece on their website means that this is their peferred option and thus there will be no alternative. I was stumped for a title so this is the one I came up with.
I think it reflects the kind of treatment we all get from a megolithic organisation which is so wedded to it's own ideas it believes it cannot be wrong!
Here is some video from the RTA consultation on the M2 Extension from the rally on Saturday:
If you're concerned about this proposal keep in touch with the No M5 Expansion facebook group.
Two methods would benefit in solving the heavy traffic problems in metropolis, the first one is encourage people to use bicyle as a commuter tool. Another is to upgrade services in public transportation - that include lower the train and bus fare. However both ways are not applicated here in Sydney. Drivers would not give cyclists too much consideration and respect. Bus fare is too high (Some statistics have shown that Sydney bus fare is the second highest in the world, first one is Stockholm, Sweden, the third is London ). And the City Rail should be blamed more...They even don`t give a clear radio announcement of the name of the next station !
I doubt London bus fares are third dearest. I think it was something like 90p per trip, children (up to age 12?) free, regardless of the distance.
London Underground fares, on the other hand, are horrendous.
Found this snippet about the new RTA HQ in North Sydney- they are providing bike parking facilities and encouraging walking. (see photo gallery) Maybe this will have some good effects.
Given the schtick they have been giving Bike North over the M2 I would wonder if the cycling facilities were only for those employees who lived within a 5 km radius of the office?


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