I seem to have stumbled upon a particularly dedicated noisy miner that lives in one of the trees on Mary Street between the Leichhardt aquatic centre and Glover Street. Heading east of a morning i receive between two and three direct hits on my helmet. 

Interestingly i have not been struck heading west. I shall continue to test this observation. 

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Coward St is the address if his cousin.  Three strikes to the helmet this season -  always heading towards the city

The boy got hit playing in a park at Summer Hill - drew blood. But my wife and I were left alone.

Don't dogs get put down for less?

Not sure I've ever heard of a fatality from a honeyeater.

It drew blood... very possibly it could have been a permanent eye injuries.

Pretty sure there are cases from magpies, not sure about miners

Eye injury is a concern from swooping birds. My feathered friend whacked me on the helmet three times again this morning. Still no swooping when heading west.

case in point : http://www.smh.com.au/national/whose-offleash-dog-beach-is-it-anywa...

No blood, dog licked a baby ; the owner copped a 'failing to maintain "effective control"  in an off-leash area." penalty: $238

Too many of the buggers, and it's mainly our fault- land clearing, removal of understory,


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