If you ride up Delhi Rd in North Ryde towards the train station, you'll be disappointed to find that the property developers building the units at the top of the hill have dug up about 300m of the bike lane to run something like power or other cabling up to the site.

To fill the trench they made, they've just chucked in some hot mix here and there, so it's now a pot holed, bumpy piece of crap that's full of debris. You're more or less forced to ride in the car lane to avoid it all.

All they had to do was a pass or two over the hot mix with a heavy roller and sweep up the crap to return it to a half-usable state, but that was obviously too much effort.

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Might be worth ringing the council and complaining, and report to RMS as well, on their Contact Form, as work sites affecting roads are supposed to provide safe and adequate passage for cyclists eg
http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/business-industry/partners-suppliers/docu... Section 9.4 on Cyclists.

I think Sunny's point is they haven't actually repaired the bike lane after digging it up.

Delhi Rd is a great place for drivers who attack cyclists for riding on-road. I was knocked off there deliberately by a P-Plater, just for being in the lane he wanted to use.

Often they let repairs slide, saying we might need to dig it up again for some reason, or the contractor can't fit it in until next year, or some such. Insupportable, as the French say.
Absolutely report this to council. Developers actually lodge a substantial bond with council, which the council withholds if they cause damage to any public property, paths, roads etc as part of their construction.

There's also the public liability issue if the 'repaired' surface is now a hazard. Make sure you speak to someone in the compliance area.

Report it asap.
I guess we all should. Anyone got a photo?


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