Demolition of Lilyfield Rd footbridge over Victoria Rd

Advice from Transport for NSW. Demolition set for 21/22 March, but route closed 8 March. Detours will be on Gordon St and via the two stage crossing of The Crescent/CWL previously notified. No improvements made to either of these routes. The ramp from Victoria Rd to Anzac Bridge west of the Digger will be demolished too, so only access will be via James Craig Rd and the ramp up from Sommerville Rd below the bridge. I assume the other footbridge (Beattie Bush bridge) will stay there for 6 months, until a new ramp to Anzac Bridge is built.

From Dan Silburn the PR flack at TfNSW:

“I apologise for sending a Sunday afternoon e-mail. 

Late last week, Transport for NSW completed its assessment of the proposed cycling and pedestrian detours as a result of the upcoming permanent removal of the bridge over Victoria Road at Lilyfield Road, and the ~6 month closure of the shared user path connecting Victoria Road to the ANZAC Bridge.

We have now confirmed that those two routes will be closed from 8 March, 2020, weather permitting. We will be working on both routes for around 2 weeks to make them safe for their eventual demolition, which should take place on the weekend of 21-22 March, 2020.

The detours we discussed at our last meeting - across The Crescent (two-phase crossing) and via Gordon Street - will be shown on our detour maps which will be installed on 24 February 2020.

Due to existing parking pressures in this area of Rozelle, parking will not be removed on Gordon Street. 

 [we had asked for an uphill bike lane]

Community notifications will also be distributed with the routes suggested. I have attached an example of these signs. JHCPB staff will also be on site at the two detour routes during peak hour to provide information about these changes for the two weeks until the closure and we will be engaging in a number of other advertising and publicity activities to inform as many people as we can about these changes. We’ll also have strategies in place to assist people from the day the access is closed, too.

Transport for NSW, along with JHCPB contractors, will continue to monitor how the detour routes are performing, and may make additional changes or improvements if required.

[and get this!] 

I would like to assure you that your feedback and suggestions were carefully considered by Transport when assessing these alternate routes. There will be more changes to important cyclist and pedestrian routes as the project progresses, and we would welcome your feedback about those when it is time to prepare the detours.

end quote

 There will be media coverage of this I suspect.

give JH a serve at


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Appreciate the gesture, but probably too little, too late.

Great news Bob, today I drove along Victoria rd towards the CBD.  The condition of the shared footpath on the north side of Victoria rd from Gordon st heading towards the CBD is absolutely shocking, to a point where I'd say there's a safety issue.  

It's been getting markedly worse in the last few weeks - it was already uneven, but now there's a building site between Joseph and Loughlin Sts, the bus stop has been relocated outside Yellow Express (both of these resulting in a narrowing of the footpath) and I feel increasingly like I need a mountain bike to get through...

Can only suggest emailing and complaining, also cc, who are responsible for  the Vic Rd footpaths thru Rozelle. IWC should at least get onto JH and make sure the path is safe and smooth. 

Now it seems even John Holland doesnt like its suggested detours on Gordon St or Victoria Rd, and is recommending Catherine to Brenan  and Railway Pde.

Shortcut up steps from James Craig Rd to the lights at Victoria Rd, for the fit.

The only problem with Catherine to Brenan and Railway Pde is that I thought that they are planning to demolish the path at the end of Railway Pde over a similar timeframe, or has that gone by the by now?

Won't get any sympathy from our north of the harbour sisters and brothers unless that involves more than 50 steps.

maybe only 30 steps. 

avoids the pole infested corner of James Craig and The Crescent, where a crash occurred today. (bicycle nsw)

Bob you should become a fortune teller.  Hope it's just some skin off and the rider recovers quickly.

"They will come along and put some reflective tape on the poles and everything will be all right." Except they didn't - I don't recall seeing any tape there this morning, but there is the word "SLOW" now spray painted on the ground.  What a great way to transfer the risk away from the road builders to the cyclists that use the paths. White paint infrastructure - easy isn't it?

Yes I rode over those painted lines yesterday.  Greasy slimy paint.  Wait till it rains again

...and how am I going to drag the Rotovelo up those stairs?????

well, you can go along the shared path, but mind the poles and oncoming velomobiles. Or get on the road back at the roundabout and use the crossing and island (where that guy in pink shorts is) at The Crescent to turn onto the path past this corner. 

Removal of the footbridge on Sunday night I think. Meanwhile cyclists at risk from drivers taking the left turn into Lilyfield Rd off Victoria Rd at speed, and not being aware of the shared path on the left. Sight blocked by bus shelter ad.

Do take care there and look behind you to the right when coming off the path onto Lilyfield Rd. Please email about making it safer at this intersection after the bridge goes. The could for instance direct cyclists down Lilyfield Rd  say 10- 20 metres before entering the road, and make sure the short bit of bike lane heading west is freshly repainted. 


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