Demolition of Lilyfield Rd footbridge over Victoria Rd

Advice from Transport for NSW. Demolition set for 21/22 March, but route closed 8 March. Detours will be on Gordon St and via the two stage crossing of The Crescent/CWL previously notified. No improvements made to either of these routes. The ramp from Victoria Rd to Anzac Bridge west of the Digger will be demolished too, so only access will be via James Craig Rd and the ramp up from Sommerville Rd below the bridge. I assume the other footbridge (Beattie Bush bridge) will stay there for 6 months, until a new ramp to Anzac Bridge is built.

From Dan Silburn the PR flack at TfNSW:

“I apologise for sending a Sunday afternoon e-mail. 

Late last week, Transport for NSW completed its assessment of the proposed cycling and pedestrian detours as a result of the upcoming permanent removal of the bridge over Victoria Road at Lilyfield Road, and the ~6 month closure of the shared user path connecting Victoria Road to the ANZAC Bridge.

We have now confirmed that those two routes will be closed from 8 March, 2020, weather permitting. We will be working on both routes for around 2 weeks to make them safe for their eventual demolition, which should take place on the weekend of 21-22 March, 2020.

The detours we discussed at our last meeting - across The Crescent (two-phase crossing) and via Gordon Street - will be shown on our detour maps which will be installed on 24 February 2020.

Due to existing parking pressures in this area of Rozelle, parking will not be removed on Gordon Street. 

 [we had asked for an uphill bike lane]

Community notifications will also be distributed with the routes suggested. I have attached an example of these signs. JHCPB staff will also be on site at the two detour routes during peak hour to provide information about these changes for the two weeks until the closure and we will be engaging in a number of other advertising and publicity activities to inform as many people as we can about these changes. We’ll also have strategies in place to assist people from the day the access is closed, too.

Transport for NSW, along with JHCPB contractors, will continue to monitor how the detour routes are performing, and may make additional changes or improvements if required.

[and get this!] 

I would like to assure you that your feedback and suggestions were carefully considered by Transport when assessing these alternate routes. There will be more changes to important cyclist and pedestrian routes as the project progresses, and we would welcome your feedback about those when it is time to prepare the detours.

end quote

 There will be media coverage of this I suspect.

give JH a serve at


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Most Aussie Drivers would not care or know About giving way when turning anyway,  sign seen or not.

This cyclist chancing it a bit at the Lilyfield Rd intersection, riding out almost in the traffic to get behind a turning car. But he might be heading to Quirk St as a detour for Lilyfield Rd or Victoria Rd. If you turn left up Quirk it is (or was, might be a few rat runners now) quiet street up to Gordon, where you can rejoin Vic Rd, or continue on to OConnor Reserve and duck thru there to Evans St.

And there it was, gone. Hope the missing span goes to a good home. To avoid left turning cars use the kerb ramp on the right. They need to move the wire fence a bit to make more space on the corner. 

I'm now working from home, so missed the demolition.  Hopefully by the time COVID-19 is done, the new temporary on ramp will be complete.

Those Google folk are proactive, already the Google Maps routing tool takes into account that the bridge is not there and that the approach is closed.

Google chooses the route via Catherine St bridge and Brenan to James Craig, plus shows the route via Glebe Point.

I remember when it was put in.  Previously we pushed the pedestrian button and waited, then they put the overbridge in so the motorists didn't have to wait for the pedestrian's to cross the road 

Been asking for this for years, a bigger area to store while waiting to cross the slip lane at The Crescent. Thought it was done for our benefit, but a road worker for John Holland reckoned it was done to protect the workers, who have to cross there to get to work sites, but whatever! It will be gone in about October when the whole intersection will be rebuilt, and likely no crossing at all. Cyclists will have to use a bridge, now taking shape near the light rail station.

They have reduced it from 2 left turn vehicle lanes to 1 left turn vehicle lane.  I'm assuming this a precursor to some works Westconnex will be doing on the crescent

While great that the area has been fixed, I suspect its got nothing to do with peds and cyclists   

Yeah, probably coincidental, although we had raised it with them,  it was only when their own workers realised the risks there.

This one interesting too, what is the bigger risk, tumbling down the slope or getting struck by a vehicle? or hitting the warning sign?

The sign could be nicked hey

was tempted but left it there as  a symbol of idiocy

It could surely have been placed between the chevron flags to the left of the path.

For all the notice motorists will pay to it anyway.


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