Design week talk: What our cities would be like if designed for bikes

At Rapha on Crown Street. 9 August, 5pm - 7pm.

Free but you need to book.

From the website:

What would our cities look like if they were designed around cycling rather than cars? How would it influence designs for shops, clothing, buildings and city planning? Come and explore a future vision of cities built around cycling and how it would influence large brownfield redevelopment sites in Australia. These amazing seminars are supported by a digital display of artworks, architectural propositions and fashion works which illustrate the potentials of a future cycling city.

Speakers for Futurama Reset:

Dr Fleming is an Architect and Urban Planner and a world-renowned expert in the connections between architecture and cycling.

Gilbert Grace is an Australian artist current Masters candidate at University of New South Wales. He is the President of ARTcycle Incorporated, a group which  promotes cross-discipline and hybrid arts practices.

Professor Angelina Russo is a designer and Professor of Cultural Practice at the University of Canberra. She runs the small business, CultureCycle, which is dedicated to designing innovative hi visibility handmade knit and crochet cyclewear.

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What would our cities be like if designed for bikes?

You wouldn't need to "vent".

Cut him some slack. He was probably just having a mid-life crisis. ;-)

Oh, and I hope your holiday was better than the welcome home!



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