Lilyfield Rd footbridge is set for demolition on March 8 and detours via Gordon St or James Craig Rd or maybe even avoiding the Anzac completely via Leichhardt, Annandale, Glebe will be necessary. 

Victoria Rd shared path also to be cut at Byrne St ( or is it already cut?), forcing a detour down to Manning St, or maybe go through Callan Park to Cecily St, or.... getting difficult.

Could use old Iron Cove Bridge and northern side of Victoria Rd shared path, but Terry St is being dug up for sewerage works, so not sure if that is an option.

Now another disruption, Inner West Council wants to widen the Bay Run shared path between UTS Rowing Club and Hawthorne Canal. Good project, funded through the Greenway Masterplan, but cyclists and pedestrians will have to detour from Timbrell Drive, back where it meets the City West Link, for some time, but maybe only weeks or months  not years as with Westconnx.

Council is proposing a route up Mortley Av, on road, to Crescent St, then Dobroyd Pde, to Hawthorne Canal, where there is a footbridge across to Canal Rd, whece you can rejoin Lilyfield Rd or the Bay Run

The main problem is getting across the City West Link from Timbrell, it isn't set up for cyclists thats for sure. As usual, there is a missing crossing on the intersection and a left turn lane, so hard to cross directly. A three stage crossing is possible, but the SW corner on the bridge is narrow so only a few bikes or walkers could actually cross at a time, and quite dangerous, close to heavy traffic.

Mortley Av is uphill with a minuscule shoulder, with random parked cars, and is busy at times, no space  for a cyclist. Could go through Robson Park, to Boomerang St, but paths end at steps on Boomerang St. Pedestrians can go that way, and there is a reasonable path from north end of Boomerang to Dobroyd Pde. See image. But probably there will be opposition to making this a shared path. 

Council will  be asking for comments soon, any ideas?

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What about temporary access thru the UTS rowing club car park.  They could remove some of the parking to allow temporary access and provide temporary parking somewhere else, somewhere at the canal 

they could be thinking of this while they work on the path next to the car park, but there is a section between the car park and the canal where this wouldnt work, too close to CWL. 

Council’s preliminary detour routes. Not final. 

Bike route would be reasonable except for the lack of safe crossing at the City West Link. Going west the temptation for cyclists would be to take the pedestrian route off to the right  to avoid the steep uphill to Crescent St.


Thanks for the info Bob.  Thumbs up from me.  The bay run improvements there are necessary, given the current squeeze between City West Link and the bay.  As long as the diversion is safe, we should put up with a bit of inconvenience in order to achieve the outcome.  If we make it too hard, it takes time and money away from the next bike project.

Give the Mortley Av route a go and see if the average recreational cyclist or child could handle it. RMS should put in a fourth leg crossing anyway, as it would open up cycling to Haberfield.

There is also the one way portion of Dobroyd Parade where it joins Hawthorne Parade - i assume it would be hazardous to make it temporarily bi-directional for cyclists due to the lack of visibility and potential for cars to approach at speed. Footpath or alternate route down Tillock/Waratah and back onto Hawthorne Parade? 

Travelling west on Dobroyd i find the short sharp climb combined with a ninety degree turn followed immediately by a right turn onto Crescent Street can get quite complex when a car is also travelling westbound. 

My experience too on the turn into Crescent St. 

i didnt mention this before, but Council is going to make the section between Dobroyd Pde and Hawthorn Pde two way for bikes. We have been calling for this for years and it seems now they have a reason to do it. Its just going to be done by adding “bikes excepted” to signs and bike logos indicating two way use.

That's great news about that section between Dobroyd Parade and Hawthorne Parade being made two way for bikes. It's quite a nice link to the Bay Run and Lilyfield Road from the Haberfield area

just hope oncoming motorists slow down and look out for cyclists. Not much width through there and blind, but im sure many cyclists were having a look and then going through contraflow.

I think the simplest Option for me, connecting Drummy with the Western Main Line, is to use the Eastern half of the Bay Run and the Iron Cove Bridge. Otherwise, on-road routes.

I look Forward to the upgrade.

For families with Children, I see the pedestrian route marked as the favourable choice.

I guess the Northern side of Viccy Road will Always be an Option City Bound, since any disruption to shared paths or Terry can be replaced by using the bus lane. Mind you I have been harrassed by those types with White Vans who evaded education for using the bus lane.

Outbound from the City after Crossing Darling at the summit using the road has worked for me. Without harrassment. Main Thing is avoiding the death wobbles as my Dutch City bike was not designed for the posted Speed Limit. I am not sure if construction will interfere with the Exit on to the cycleway over the Bridge.

All in all, I think our Response to messy diversions should be to take the lane on-road. Wasteconnex is at least supposed to reduce demand on Viccy Road so one lane should be taken by us as a matter of Habit in anticipation of a hoped-for reconfiguration.

yep, a preemptive move. As you know there is a requirement for Westcon/RMS to provide a bike facility between Springside St and Robert St (E58 in the Environmental Conditions), and IWCouncil has been arguing for grabbing a lane on Vic Rd for a bike path. We recently had a meeting with the CEO, Michael  Deegan, where he asked for our priorities, and that is one. He reckons he can get things done so that will be a test.

The Vic Rd route past Robert St to Anzac Bridge will be cut for a period when they demolish the ramp down off the road bridge some time later this year. It looks like they will rebuild it further north quickly, so the route can be reopened. Unclear how Vic Rd cyclists will get to AB during the rebuild, as the other footbridge is going too, cutting access to James Craig Rd, which is a big backtrack anyway. All is to be revealed next week they say, when the final Detour Arrangements will be released. 


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