Lilyfield Rd footbridge is set for demolition on March 8 and detours via Gordon St or James Craig Rd or maybe even avoiding the Anzac completely via Leichhardt, Annandale, Glebe will be necessary. 

Victoria Rd shared path also to be cut at Byrne St ( or is it already cut?), forcing a detour down to Manning St, or maybe go through Callan Park to Cecily St, or.... getting difficult.

Could use old Iron Cove Bridge and northern side of Victoria Rd shared path, but Terry St is being dug up for sewerage works, so not sure if that is an option.

Now another disruption, Inner West Council wants to widen the Bay Run shared path between UTS Rowing Club and Hawthorne Canal. Good project, funded through the Greenway Masterplan, but cyclists and pedestrians will have to detour from Timbrell Drive, back where it meets the City West Link, for some time, but maybe only weeks or months  not years as with Westconnx.

Council is proposing a route up Mortley Av, on road, to Crescent St, then Dobroyd Pde, to Hawthorne Canal, where there is a footbridge across to Canal Rd, whece you can rejoin Lilyfield Rd or the Bay Run

The main problem is getting across the City West Link from Timbrell, it isn't set up for cyclists thats for sure. As usual, there is a missing crossing on the intersection and a left turn lane, so hard to cross directly. A three stage crossing is possible, but the SW corner on the bridge is narrow so only a few bikes or walkers could actually cross at a time, and quite dangerous, close to heavy traffic.

Mortley Av is uphill with a minuscule shoulder, with random parked cars, and is busy at times, no space  for a cyclist. Could go through Robson Park, to Boomerang St, but paths end at steps on Boomerang St. Pedestrians can go that way, and there is a reasonable path from north end of Boomerang to Dobroyd Pde. See image. But probably there will be opposition to making this a shared path. 

Council will  be asking for comments soon, any ideas?

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Whaaaaat? The other footbridge is going, too?? (I assume you mean the horseshoe-shaped one across the CWL.) If the aim was to make cycling in this area nigh-impossible, I can't think of a more efficient way to do it...

Bob, since you appear the best source of information on the 'design' intricacies here (and thank you for your conscientious advocacy on our behalf): do you know anything about why the westbound route off the Anzac Bridge is currently unlit at night, and how long this will be the case? I may have missed the explanation/timeline elsewhere on this site.

Last night I endured it again, riding home about 10pm: with no overhead lighting at all for about 1.5km of path and having to take the long downhill at what felt like about 10km an hour - because, between the angle of oncoming headlights and the way the path sinks down into the dark on the western side, I could barely see a thing - it really is the pits!

Thats something I wasnt aware of, but im guessing the power has been cut due to all the construction/destruction going on next to the path on north side and under Victoria Rd. Come to think of it, there was a substation near the bridge, now gone. email them at or there is a phone no 1800 660 248

Agree it is making cycling unattractive, i did a count before Xmas and numbers on LF Rd were down, particularly women. Hardly any. We are going to do a major count on all approaches on March 3, 7 am to 9 am, volunteers being sought

I wonder how pedestrians are being catered for. If at all.

Well, nothing from John Holland this week, but the word is that they have been having “high level” talks about their proposed detours- presumably withTfNSW. Seems there are concerns that pedestrians and cyclists might start crossing Vic Rd where they shouldn't or using the road ontoAnzac Bridge  instead of the detours. Might get a temporary bridge yet! Council has been pushing for lights across Vic Rd at Robert St.

Before the bridge there was a level crossing.  They could put the level crossing back in.  Oh hang on that would inconvenience motorists  

When is the horseshoe bridge going?

They say in about 6 months time, so maybe August. They have to rebuild the ramp from Victoria Rd onto Anzac Bridge first.


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