Was everyone too overjoyed to notice that there will be no more V8 supercar races at Sydney Olympic Park? They are apparently going to Newcastle (Sorry Dabba). After all the campaigning we did when the ALP was in office, the govt finally saw sense in a way although they probably will be wasting money on them for a while yet.

The question I have is what is SOP like to ride in now? Should we be campaigning for better infastructure (I gather there is a plan for more housing in the area and probably more offices). SOP was good to ride in when I was living in Sydney and it was a good place to visit and a reliable link between the Inner West and Parra. Is it still that way today? I also remember Lidcombe - Auburn Cycling Club training there. Is it still a good place to train?

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SOP is still good, and I am grateful the V8s will be gorn. Formal training apart, the 'safari' thing there is still on: http://www.sydneyolympicpark.com.au/whats_on/cycling/cycling_circuits

Some of it is locked up in the evening for some bizarre reason. Maybe a threat from old people in safari suits.

Not grateful for V8 hosting in Newie. I hope they crash and burn :-(

They will be in Newcastle for 5 years while a permanent venue is built for them in Sideneeeee.

A permanent venue in Sydney? I wonder if they'll put it out west somewhere, like Eastern Creek...

Well if they suggest another street circuit in Sydney, I'm going to suggest they make a street circuit at Oran park amongst the mcmansions.

The issue with Eastern creek is that its not owned by the supercar promoter, its owned by the ARDC, and the ARDC spends all its money making eastern creek better for club events / track days, rather than making it a spectator focused venue.  Probably also still animosity between the organisations because the ARDC used to run everything.

Also you get the feeling that the v8 supercars loves the public purse for no return-on-investment required funding.

Last time the ARDC owned a circuit, it was Amaroo Park....which they had to sell in the late 90s to keep payments up on the now, Sydney Motor Sport Park. It's still State government owned.

Problem with it, to make good viewing, the millions required to be spent would dwarf the spend on the extension they did a few years ago - and that's for one event a year. There's also the issue of next to no shade and a rather fragrant aroma from the tip next door if the wind is going the right way. Even when the V8s were the promoter rather than the ARDC, crowds were pretty small, you'd have to go back to the very first bike GP to see a good crowd - dropped off pretty severely in following years!

Most of the motorsport crowd detest the V8s taking funds from permanent facilities, but State governments seem to bend over backward to please them - there's usually a Murdoch press push there too...they were certainly vocal on Homebush going ahead.

as they remove the supercar setup (its amazing how much goes up and down every year) they are also adding another set of traffic lights next to the stadium/athletic centre. They've also said they plan to put in more of the ridiculous barricades that block the cycle lane on Bennelong parkway, along with signs that say cyclists get off and walk, to build more entry roads there. Still a decent place to ride, but not as good as it has been.

There's a large 4 building apartment complex about 2/3 constructed now. All the new residents in wentworth point will start to show up and add traffic. To offset this we have the vague idea of a light rail that under current plans does not serve any of the residents in the area, only stadium traffic.

Obviously Eastern creek is the place to hold a motorsport event.  The reason they want to put an event on the street is to present it in a different way, which is great for the followers of the sport but a pain for the people who normally use that facility 

A question to ask is why has it been dropped from SOP?  The answer to that question may be useful for those trying to prevent it being placed elsewhere of similar inconvenience

And remember streets are used and even closed off for bicycle races

Why do we need to remember that last thing*? How is that even relevant?

How much disruption do bicycle races/organised rides cause annually around NSW? How many days do the roads remain closed for say, Spring Cycle, for instance? A few hours at most. How much noise, and at what decibel level, do bicycle events create? How much air pollution do bicycle events spew?

(*Asking for a friend.)

Yeah, but a bike race can be in and out in a day, it doesn't cause interruptions for businesses and residents for weeks on end like the V8s did at SOP. AFAIK as I know it was dropped because it was simply unprofitable. I'm not sure how moving it to another street circuit fixes this.

And the latest from Mealy Mouthed Mike - rent out your place for a bomb!

There's actually really good money in that. A relative works for a company that had a contract with Supercars. They used to book two houses in Bathurst for their workers. I forget the dollar amount, but it very much "demand based pricing at a corporate rate".

Your missing my point.  Roads can be closed for a variety of reasons.  Motorsport is not the only reason.  If you want to ban road closures for motorsport then you need to be careful not to have a cascading effect onto other road closure purposes


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