Rob Stokes, NSW Planning and Public Spaces Minister, said the state government was seeking to reduce car dependence by creating communities where people "instinctively walk or cycle".

A good article on urban sprawl and need for healthy transport :

worth reading other stuff by Jennifer Kent too.

“We need to explicitly state in our planning laws and regulations that the health of people is a priority,” she said. (as opposed to economic or profit imperatives)

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And did Constance really say “we are going to see mass transfer out of cars”, in today’s SMH, by Josh Dye, on likely traffic chaos before 2030 if we don’t build railways fast enough. Brief mention of hire bikes as part of “mobility services” concept?

He said it again today at the FitNSW conference.

meanwhile they keep adding to Westconnex etc etc 

It’ll be intuitive to hop in a car and go underground, at least that’s what Transurban hopes. 

"...the health of people is a priority"

"But the health of the planet is not, so we'll be passing laws to stop courts denying coal mines licences because of the climate-change consequences of burning their product," the Environment Minister added.


Jennifer Kent needs to understand economics and cost benefit analysis so she can bring the true cost of damage to health fully into the studies. Wishing for blanket rules just ignores the trade offs that are part of life. 

Credit to Matt Kean, NSW Env Minister.

Must be a first time a Liberal politician has said this: “No one can deny" climate change was to blame for the bushfire smoke blanketing Sydney, he said.

“We need to reduce our carbon emissions immediately”.


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