Pretty clogged up route today.

I was driving up Burns Bay Road thinking it would have been the perfect day to try it on the road since the cars were moving at my sub-10kmh climbing speeds.

The scene at Centennial Ave  road/parking lot stretched on forever and I took refuge in the Birdview Ave parking lot and rode in the rest of the way - a whole 3.5 km ride sans Lycra , cleats and PPE ( ... like gloves!)

15 minutes later I'm in office and analysing RMS  maps traffic colours.

and contrasting with Big G's Treasure maps

Doesn't look that bad after all, I guess it's just getting used to it.

Anyways - did you ride in today ? 

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sure did, played chicken with 2 sets of idiots riding 3 abreast on the M7 SUP.  They don't like to move their lycra clad arses much do they?

Had to honk someone riding all the way over the centreline on the Alison Road SUP Randwick.  In a corner.  During a narrowed path portion.  (Just East of the Doncaster / Bus road intersection).

The commute's a nightmare with the overcrowded Shared Use Paths in peak.

Learn from the couriers - "No brakes!", and they move quickly.

I rode in today and the roads were a lot quieter than they usually are at the time I left. The weather is just about perfect right now.

Of course. Is there another way of travelling?

Get a mtb and load the stupid thing up for the weekend and head up the mountains Kylie.

I rode home from night shift this morning. As the kids are crook I didn't have to rush home for school drop off duties (I hate brushing hair. If you saw the birds nest my youngest is rocking you'd understand!) so I took the long leisurely way.

I had the usual roadies ignoring me, and one attempted abuse at traffic lights.

Them-"Roads are for cars not bikes".

Me-"Well good morning to you sir!"

Them- "I'm a woman, stupid."

Me- "Really? Surely you jest."

Them- "You're a f*$@ing smart arse"

Me- "Sorry I can't hear you. What did you say? What was that? You're breaking up."

That in no way dampened my good mood. It was a good ride.


I usually answer "actually they were" or if they are driving a Ford I let them know old Henry used to ride to work.

Nope. My son is in childcare today. Took almost an hour, instead of 65 +-10min by bike (more like 60 +-5mins now as I am only doing it 2 days a week so the legs get a rest)... sigh.

Still, I rode up to Nelson Bay again this weekend 255.6km @ 26.68km/h - slower than I thought because as soon as I took the right turn at Albuqu^K^K^K^K^K^KCessnock when it starts getting flat I also started riding into a 20-30 knott headwind :(, but faster than last year (just) - so apparently I have not started losing any fitness yet.

Yes, and I got a cheer from a cyclist on the other side of the road this morning. Some people on the footpath also smiled at me. Pretty good for the Pacific Highway.

(The best reaction I've got lately was the time last week when a car passenger leaned out of the window to cheer at me. xD)

The traffic was worse than usual in the afternoon, but the standstill was at the part of the trip where I usually slow down a bit anyway.

I saw you early this morning Kerry, riding up the hill to Roseville.
Nice flower and helmet coordination!

I did.

Tuesday is interval session day. By the time I got off the bike I could barely speak, just sat there and started into the distance.

That's how it should be on interval session day :)

Yes I rode. Quiet roads and sunshine for me on the way in.

On the way home I decided to put in some extra kilometres, and had two different cars pull out of the same parking straight into where I would have been if I hadn't swerved. I did a couple of local laps if you're wondering why I passed the same parking spot twice.

After that, not 100 metres from home, a moron pulls around a parking car straight at me. Another swerve to avoid a head on. They didn't even slow down for me. 

But the two laps around Earlwood I did, with a climb averaging 10% and two roundabouts on a fast downhill, the patient drivers gave me room, smiles, waves, and right of way. 


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