Will the rain sort out rudeness?  Will Autumn bring Appropriate cyclist-cyclist interactions?

My commute crosses a bunch of major routes between 7.30 and 8am.  I missed out on the big downpour though :(... so my raincape wasn't really necessary.

I cross Wilson Street - George Street North South for about 3 minutes (one other cyclist, way down.)

I cross Bourke Street for about one minute (one other cyclist, way down.).

I cross the Anzac System for about 10-15 minutes (13 cyclists, way down.).

I'm guessing I saw 20% of the number I usually see.  The only rudeness was someone running a high beam light which was angled flat.  Please people, dim your beams and dip your lights.  Given that each morning commute I've had to deal with at least one head on or dangerous pass incident from cyclists recently, it seems that there's a link between number of cyclists and number of road keeping issues I see.

What was your rain commute like?

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are we going to do this for the rest of the year?

Can I just add a yes here and you can cut and paste for the rest of the days

"Robert rode his bike today"


"Does rain make people more polite?" or "How far did the commute numbers collapse due to rain for you?" seemed a bit naff.

Carradice Fluro from Cheeky Monkey transport.  Very happy with its warming and rain reducing effects.  Very happy with its ventilation as opposed to rubber rainproof pants.  I still look silly with plastic bags over my feet though.

Normally I would ride and was all ready to do so, but the rain was torrential In Ermington this morning. The sensible side got the better of me... So here I am on the world's slowest bus to the city and traffic completely jammed up. The thought of soaking soggy shoes did not appeal to me. At least the bus is relatively empty. Kudos to all u who rode!!

I didnt commute today - I typically do not go to office on Wednesdays.

I probably wouldn't intentionally choose to commute in the rain , mainly because I dont like what the rain and road grit does to the rims, brake pads, drivechain and hence associated cleaning there after.

I also dont like the need to ride a bit more cautiously and giving more allowance for car braking infront of me, and when taking corners. All the while wondering if a motorist (possibly being one who doesnt ride, or doesn't ride in the rain) behind me is aware that I'm doing this for safety purposes - and waiting for some impatient motorist to possibly slip into my intentional safety gap.

Then of course there's being wet.

However I've a set recently arrived Crud RoadRacer Mk2 Mudguard waiting to be put on on the commuter - that should be fun!

How come everytime it rains like this a thread like this is started?

Yep, I rode. And judging by the queues at the bus stops it was a damn good idea too. Traffic from the east was bad, bad, bad.

I wore my overshoe bootie things so my shoes are nice and dry but I did see one chap wearing those running shoes with the toes, what are they called? Seemed like a smart idea, lots of extra grip with the flexible sole.

Would agree with the 20% numbers. 

My office is in Hornsby, and I usually stop at Gordon for a snack. The rain caught up to me just when I was about to get moving again, so I put my rain cape on to ride two blocks to the train station.

When I worked in the city, I often rode to work even when it rained, but I just don't trust the brakes on Crescent for riding in the rain on my current route.

I've ordered a new bike (with better brakes and a stronger luggage rack), but the supplier sent the wrong one, so now I'm still waiting for them to send the right one.

Interesting you mention lights...

First time I have driven in a red storm* while there have been a reasonable number of bicycles around. This was at 06:50-ish, but the riders with good lights (ayups and the like) really stood out. The one with blinkies not so much at all.

*Bits of red on the BOM radar

It hit me about 7ish I guess on Warringah Rd at Frenchs Forest.

I had to ride virtually blind until the Shell servo at Beacon Hill and I hid under there for 10 minutes, along with several motor cycle riders.

Never ridden in anything like it before.

I just hope all my stuff dries out sufficiently to be reasonably pleasant on the way home.

Don't forget to stuff your shoes with newspaper (or old meeting notes) so they are not so wet for the trip home.

Thank you!

I hung all my kit in front of a big industrial fan - everything was good except for my shoes - until I saw your post. I shoved a few crumpled paper towels in the heels and have since replaced the damp towels with new ones. I'm 99% good to go!


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