Hi all. I have recently become a home owner and with that comes the freedom to drill many many holes mwahaha

I have a lockup garage and first on the list of things to do is get my 5 bikes up off the ground and into the dead space high up on the walls. This will be a DIY project with no commercial bike wall mounts to be used.

I have just begun the research via google and thought I would drop a post on here in case anyone has done the same and could offer some advice, especially with regards to what kind of bracket you used.

I will be drilling into a rendered brick wall and have the mounting screws for that.

Right now my idea is to buy some sort of right angle bracket (2 per bike), wrap one of the arms in bubble wrap (or similar) and attach it to the wall.

Thanks for any advice offered

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but we sell a pair of those things in our bike shop, does that make it no longer DIY :)

My approach to not owning a house and mounting things is to just do it anyway. The worst you can lose is your bond, small price to pay (and very unlikely to happen) for being able to hang a trapeze in the living room...

And back on topic, up to top right of trapeze is a pulley to pull up a bike, similar to the shitty Aldi version. It's a pain to use, bike is outside again and the pulley has been re-purposed to pull the trapeze out of the way when not in use.

Inside the house bikes hang by front wheels from hooks screwed into a low ceiling formed by a concrete slab, while in the garage, hooks screw into overhead wooden beams. (But I need more hooks.)

The bikes are angled at about 45 degrees to the walls which reduces the distance they stick out.

Thanks for all the great replies, very much appreciated.

I will check them all out and decide which way to go with this project, should be fun.

Here's some pics of the MTB on said hook with lots of bits that I also 'hang' with the bike (uncluding bamboo hula hoops)

The PRO hooks do work pretty well and I think they are worth it... Heavy duty rubber on the hook to protect your rims and the shape is right for a bike wheel.

We have eight bikes hanging in our bike room. Six on one wall and two facing on the other.



Not enough space in the bedroom Toby, or is it a bike harem?

Six black bicycles hanging on the wall, if one black bicycle should accidently fall, there'd be ........etc

I'm renovating shortly and the new bike room will have space for 12 hanging, plus a workshop/bench area.  Yep, we do bikes seriously in our house!

That's pretty much exactly what mine looks like, or at least 83.3% similar. I've got a bit more head room so *could* but a shelf in above my wheels if I needed to, and have about the same amount of storage space underneath as well.

A small tip, park the MTBs next to one another, and then your least-used roadie next to them - this way the wide handlebars won't cause as much grief getting in the way when you're trying to get them off the wall. Or at least hang the MTB third from the left by its front wheel (i.e. top and tail them).

An off-the-rack wall turned in to an off-the-wall rack system?

My underneath storage space is just as important.... (this is on the day we moved in, its full now!)

Now we have the MTB on the opposite wall and all the roadies on one wall.  The commuters have to sleep outside. ;)

That's awesome, I like your wine racks too.

Wow, upping the stakes on any loose screws!

My garage has exposed ceiling joists so what I did is bought a single length of steel tubing (as used in scaffolding) and threaded it across the top of the joists. 1 screw at each end keeps it from rolling and then I simply hook all 6 bikes onto the tube by the saddle.  


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