Hi all. I have recently become a home owner and with that comes the freedom to drill many many holes mwahaha

I have a lockup garage and first on the list of things to do is get my 5 bikes up off the ground and into the dead space high up on the walls. This will be a DIY project with no commercial bike wall mounts to be used.

I have just begun the research via google and thought I would drop a post on here in case anyone has done the same and could offer some advice, especially with regards to what kind of bracket you used.

I will be drilling into a rendered brick wall and have the mounting screws for that.

Right now my idea is to buy some sort of right angle bracket (2 per bike), wrap one of the arms in bubble wrap (or similar) and attach it to the wall.

Thanks for any advice offered

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Congrats.... Is this a result of holding off on n+1 ? It does pay dividends (sometimes) . 

Right now my idea is to buy some sort of right angle bracket (2 per bike), wrap one of the arms in bubble wrap (or similar) and attach it to the wall.

This is my current solution as well. I used a layer of foam covering instead of bubble-wrap.

However http://www.instructables.com/id/simple-bike-storage-rack-for-many-b... is worth a look too.

Thanks! yes finance minister pulled in the reigns some time ago, all my frequent buyer discounts have lapsed, haven't looked at wiggle for 6 months or more.

I will check out the link when I get home as the work firewall is blocking it

I had the exact same situation - up to five bikes, garage etc, etc. I went with five of these, as the length of wall I had for a storage area was a limited but I had enough room for them to hang forward off the wall. They fit in a space about 1.8m wide, and I can get them up high enough that there is room under the bottom wheels to store stuff.

I screwed mine to a piece of timber ~1.8m x 0.3m wide which is then dynabolted to the wall - this makes it easier to add or reposition the brackets should I need to. All up I think it cost about $150, with the timber not being cheap on account of its width. You could probably get away using two narrower pieces, but the reason I went with the wider one was that the bike hooks have four fairly equally-spaced screw holes along the base. I also added a ~70mm wide batten in three spots to the back of the board to keep it off the wall (and then put the dynabolts through these sections), as the screws for the hooks were longer than the board was deep, so it means I could screw them all the way through without having them hit the bricks before they were fully tightened.

It's been there for 6+ years now with no problems, so I'm going to assume it works and I did an okay job...

Is that yours Timothy ?

Because that is the awesomest thing I've seen all day!

The bracket is great, but I thought that the location might be screaming out to low lifes "come and get me!"

Not my idea - but still a great one I couldn't keep from sharing.

Like the new avatar, too... :-)

wow, but now I feel really flat as I should have thought of that years ago.

Please note the wine cork bar ends too.

Bunnings sells a U shape braket (I think it comes in a pack with all different sizes for $10 - $15)  that I used, I just hang the bike by the wheel so only need 1 bracket per bike, actually not being precious about the old bikes I put 2 bikes per bracket.

but we sell a pair of those things in our bike shop, does that make it no longer DIY :)

My approach to not owning a house and mounting things is to just do it anyway. The worst you can lose is your bond, small price to pay (and very unlikely to happen) for being able to hang a trapeze in the living room...

And back on topic, up to top right of trapeze is a pulley to pull up a bike, similar to the shitty Aldi version. It's a pain to use, bike is outside again and the pulley has been re-purposed to pull the trapeze out of the way when not in use.


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