Does parking a bike in an office contravene NSW OHS regulations?

Plenty of space in the office. Bike doesn't obstruct the entrance/exit. Person sharing office doesn't mind. Office is on ground floor and can be accessed via a back door to the building.

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I keep my bike in my office that I share with three other people, including our buildings OH&S officer, with no problems (though it may help that he is also a cyclist).

I would think as much as a trolley or a pram is.

I vaguely recall something about a 1 metre clearance for fire regs in a non-residential environment (ie: commercial workplace).


ie: it can't be placed where it reduces a throughfare to a width less than a meter. This includes trafficable gaps between desks, cubicles etc.

I think it is now 1.2m to allow for disabled fire egress.

Need to consider Federal law too. Although here is a clear case where a 1 second application of good sense will very likely ensure that your bike storage is safe for everyone.


Most workplace EH&S decisions are made on a lowest common denominator basis in my experience. So someone saying don't do xxx it is not allowed is frequently an idiot talking rubbish.

I've been told they can be an OH&S risk, but as long as they aren't blocking access to lifts, fire stairs, toilets, etc then they are allowed. We don't have any dedicated bike parking at my office, we are allowed to lock bikes in a secure loading dock.

Previous office had secure, card accessed bike cages, and bike racks for the couriers near the loading dock we could use. So strickly no bikes in the office, but not for OH&S reasons.


Tick for H but ? for S.

If you buy some wall mounts then you can hang the bikes up and call it art.


OHS is now Work Health and Safety Act as of 1st January. A change in wording but basically the same thing. You, and everyone else has a responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of yourself and those around you. 

Find a generic risk assessment form on an internet, fill it out with things like slips trips and falls, likelyhood of XYZ happening and the worst outcome etc, make sure no-one will trip over your bike, cause it to fall over and kill somebody etc and everything is sweet.

See if you can access the Building Code of Aust online (think you need a log in - can't remember), the 1 metre thing is right from memory for fire exits and thoroughfares - unimpeded access etc. 

Remember, nothing goes wrong till it goes wrong. If no-one is bothered by your bike/s, and they are not likely to cause a problem, then there's no problem.

WHS info

I am sending this photo to my local publican.

Many thanks to all for your comments, suggestions, links etc.

An email addressed to the entire institution arrived this morning informing us that we can't park bikes in offices and fire escapes for OHS reasons. One or two bikes have been parked in fire escapes recently and they may have precipitated the email, rather than my bike in my office. The bikes in the fire escapes were under stairways and were nowhere near obstructing the exits, but I can understand that they may have technically contravened the regulations. Perhaps just having flammable rubber tyres in the fire escape contravenes the regs.

The PIT IN table looks good, but I don't think a bike saddle would be very comfortable to sit still on for any length of time.

Ahhh a numptygram


might be ignorable after a week or two, unless they change policy or something.

If you haven't replied you haven't received


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