North Sydney by-election this Saturday -- dangerous infrastructure & illegal election advertising.

Two VMS (Variable Message Signs) introduced in recent days on Longueville Road, Lane Cove project into the green on-road bike lanes ..... cyclists riding in these lanes could well hit their heads on the display boards, hence the need for Mandatory Helmet Legislation !!! 

The two trailers are owned by Kennards Hire, whose head, Sam Kennard, is a candidate in this North Sydney by-election being held this Saturday.  Normally VMS's provide road safety messages or information about the road network.  These VMS trailers are located on a council road creating very dangerous conditions on a public roadway.  Further there is no authorization on the display as required by the electoral act. 


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Is it illegal to cover an illegal sign?

I think I'd prefer to hire a VMS from kennards, place it directly in front of it, and program it with the message "This VMS has been placed unsafely".

A bit of stick on vinyl should cover the name of candidate.

Here is a pic of the sign. If you click on the one Russ put up, of course! It all makes sense: these are promoting Sam Kennard, and most likely were donated from Kennards hire. I hope the company declared the donation, if it came from them!

I Wonder if it is still there today Monday 30/11/2015?  If so, appears parked right outside a school in a restricted parking zone.


As of abt 1030 today.

It was indeed in a restricted parking zone - mummy times; 8.00-9.30 and 2.30-4.00.

Oh boy! Watch this sign for crashed bikes :)

I've seen this posted before ..... is it in the USA or Canada?

Tree hugger, a few years back

Dana Point, Orange County, Cal.

But at least there is a very wide buffer zone by the looks of it. Here it would be another traffic lane.

How many people does it take to tip one of these things over?

Just wondering...

Also - Russ have you reported this hazard to the relevant council?


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