...or this could happen to you:


Click that link to watch a graphic video of somebody who gets doored and is flung into the path of oncoming traffic.

And now a question for those in local councils, including the otherwise bike-friendly City of Sydney - what are your plans for removing all door-zone bike lanes? It is a cheap thing to do as it requires only paint, and so should be able to be achieved very quickly.

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We really need to turn this one into a campaign. 


Pretty much demonstrates everything that councils need to understand to understand the -likely- scenario from doorzone lanes - ie they turn mishaps into fatalities.   Even if your body doesn't physically hit the door, you still wind up there if it catches your bar, because the bike tries to turn to the left without counterbalancing and it sprawls to the right as a result.


Welcome, Lachlan - definite +1 on being places like SC for learning about cycling: I don't know I would have had the confidence to ride in traffic without the benefit of the collective wisdom I was able to tap on this forum.

The other difficult that arises, however, is that drivers - seeing that cyclists have a 'lane' (for which, of course, we are to be grovellingly grateful) - then take it upon themselves to abuse riders for not using them (and taking 'their' lane instead - something for which I no longer feel any need to apologise). Clearly a matter of education all round...

Yes, this is the other side of the problem that these lanes cause. If you use them you put yourself in danger from car doors, and if you don't use them you provike road rage from ignorant motorists. There is no good option. These lanes ruin the road for cycling.


The only way for this situation to be tackled, IMHO, is for someone who has been doored while riding in one of those bogus lanes to take the relevant council to court.

Anyone out there?

A few letters to councils alerting them to the situation is the first step. If they do nothing then whoever takes them to court after being doored has their negligence demonstrated right there.

The situation was both foreseable and preventable yet no action on the council's part. Case won and then a mad scramble by all councils to fix the issue

A letter or two to North Sydney council warning them about West St could be in order.
I would think that it would first need to be removed from the RTA guidelines an d a directive from them as well notifing councils of this
Are door lanes in the RTA guidelines?? wtf
I think we should have a banner on the forum reminding cyclists not to ride in the door-zone and or safety related issues. I was doored too and only realised how dangerous it could have been after being doored.

Hell yes!


Excellent idea.

very nasty showing the potential for what could happen...it looks like china by the air quality.


but great driving from the car behind...I liked the google ad on the page...it showed an add for horseback riding....that would overcome any potential dooring...

lucky he didn't have a car next to him.


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