...or this could happen to you:


Click that link to watch a graphic video of somebody who gets doored and is flung into the path of oncoming traffic.

And now a question for those in local councils, including the otherwise bike-friendly City of Sydney - what are your plans for removing all door-zone bike lanes? It is a cheap thing to do as it requires only paint, and so should be able to be achieved very quickly.

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The Newcastle Cycleways Movement has worked with Newcastle City Council to get them to agree that they will not install any more 'car door death lanes', as they are known up here. NCC has written this into their draft Cycle Strategy. A great example of advocacy and positive engagement in action.
Is that available online anywhere?
Ben, the strategy is currently out for public exhibition and is available here: http://www.newcastle.nsw.gov.au/council/community_consultation/publ...
what are your plans for removing all door-zone bike lanes? It is a cheap thing to do as it requires only paint, and so should be able to be achieved very quickly.

What should be the plan: to keep the lane, but remove the bicycle logos in the lanes? Or remove the lane? 

Because just wondering what cyclists here do along Crown Street in Surry Hills when traffic is backed up at traffic lights. Do you wait behind a string of motor vehicles, or overtake from the left (i.e. in the door zone) to get to the lights. 

This part of Crown Street Surry Hills







Because on some stretches of road, I am always in the door zone. Not sometimes, always. e.g. going west uphill on Booth Street Annandale. As you can see, in the opposite direction, there is no bicycle logo in the door zone. I’m guessing that this is the good work of LBUG. Booth Street: 


Where do you recommend people ride when climbing up Lilyfield Road in Lilyfield? 

For road lane design, I find comments by people involved more productive. Blanket statements like “don’t ride in the door zone” are helpful if not taken literally: i.e. should be “avoid the door zone”, “avoid the door zone if possible”, “avoid the door zone if you are unable to react to the actions of people in the car”, “make a risk assessment as to whether you really want to ride in the door zone on this particular stretch”. 


Why don’t you let us know what you want each street e.g. Crown Street to look like? It’s the presence of on-street parking which makes the road narrow and subject to door zone accidents. Do you want to: remove bike logos from the “door zone” to avoid the perceptions that bicycles belong there and there only, or remove the lane? Or remove the cars, or change the position of the cars, or remove just cars on one side of the road. Most of these will take more than paint. 

Uphill, Door zone bike lanes are relatively safe. Downhill or on the flat, they're unsafe and unnecessary

The fact is, those lanes are so unsafe, they should never be used by cyclists. Not ever.


You should never ride closer to a parked car than the solid white line if you want to maximise your safety on the road. Those roads would be safer to cycle on if they had no cycle lane than with the lanes that are painted there. And even that is giving passing cars a licence to try and squeeze past you when they possibly shouldn't. In the absence of infrastructure that provides for safe cycling, it's up to you as an individual to ride in such a way that you are safe. If that means cars are held up for a few hundred metres, then so be it.

Remove the bike logos.

If people want to ride in the door zone at their own risk then fine.

But the Bourke St cycleway runs parrallel with Crown.

It would be better to use that, especially newbies.

Crown Street has lots of shops and pubs and a library and parks - these are things people on bikes access all the time so they will continue to use Crown St. There is another angle here though - with the increase in cyclist - car drivers being more aware we are around - they will be more aware they should look before opening their door especially on Crown - so I predict there will be less doorings with more cyclists. Safety in numbers.

I think the door zone is totally fine - it should be up to the car driver to not get out of the car without checking first - or getting out of the passenger side. As has happened in Bourke St where there is now no door lane - car drivers would be very fearful of opening their door without looking - a car could take their door off. The option could be to make all streets around Sydney into Bourke St's design. So in the case of Crown St - buses could then take off doors.

Llewster, it IS the car driver's responsibility to check before opening the door. But riding in the door lane is still a bloody stupid thing to do. If someone doesn't check, then you, not them, are going to be the one who is injured or killed.


As cyclists sharing roads with motorised traffic, we each need to manage our own safety as we are the soft, fleshy ones that will come off worst in any incident! Riding in 'car door death lanes' is not managing your own safety...

Then there has to be more driver education - maybe signage especially in increased cyclists areas - Crown St - Booth St - Glebe Pt Rd - King St Newtwon - "Look before you open your car door - bike lanes used regularly" sort of thing.


It's not an either/or though.

1. Remove bogus bike lanes.

2. Edumacate drivers.

Dooring is a version of SMIDSY. It doesn't help that the driver is in the wrong, it's the cyclist who pays the bigger price.


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