...or this could happen to you:


Click that link to watch a graphic video of somebody who gets doored and is flung into the path of oncoming traffic.

And now a question for those in local councils, including the otherwise bike-friendly City of Sydney - what are your plans for removing all door-zone bike lanes? It is a cheap thing to do as it requires only paint, and so should be able to be achieved very quickly.

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The "same direction side-swipe" would seem to be more likely for door-zone riders than take-the-lane-riders. If you're out in the lane, motorists see you, and give you enough space before coming back into your lane, and even if they don't give you the space, the fact that you have space to your left allows you to avoid the sideswipe. It's when you're hugging the gutter or in the door-zone that sideswiping becomes a bigger risk, as you're less likely to be seen, and less likely to have an escape route.

Are rear-end collisions and sideswipes unsafe overtaking cases? It seems to me that they are.


If that is the case then all of these collisions have a behavioural cause (as in "don't care about consequences for someone else") and as such are not really accidents. They come down to negligence or deliberate attack.


They are a huge opportunity for prevention. Distinct from the SMIDSY where the driver may (perhaps) genuinely have not seen the cyclist.


Massive earworm today from this discussion title.

Youtube is blocked at my office, so I had to wait until home to see if my own earworm coincides with yours.  It does, so I only have myself to blame for thinking of it. I however, resisted the urge to share my torment with the world.


One of the reasons the Bourke Street Bi-directional Cycleway was done was to remove the car door lane. But also because it was a treatment used in numerous other cities. It was seen as a major factor in why people didn't cycle regularly - the fear of being doored. Here is a survey CoS did - http://www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/aboutsydney/documents/ParkingAnd...  - pg29. 

If we are to get more people cycling more streets need to have this same treatment done to them. Not everyone wishes to ride with cars - nor are they fast enough to do so. But with horror stories and videos of the car door lane less people will consider riding an option because they can't cycle there either.

Getting doored is as close to medieval jousting as you can get. the disadvantage of the modern dooring though is in the lack of armour, spear (or door object) and shield a cyclist has and the length of time and line of sight given to prepare for a joust with a door.

Jousting got banned in the middle ages, I can understand why so many people would choose to avoid the modern day equivalent by not cycling. Maybe more people would ride if they were provided a shield, armour and heavy door to wield back at the cars along with a  designated time to prepare for an attack when a 1-5 tonne doored object would spring the blunted edge of a length of steel towards their chest.

I have only been jousted once, with the edge of an arrow like commodore door. After taking 3 weeks to recover and losing my favourite steed (bike) I am not in the mood or financial position to do it again soon. I have decided I will  ride in the middle of the road while my body, courage and finances recover. It will be a while before I am ready to accept an unfriendly joust from a car driver  with their one tonne object

Maybe we need an infra red - Terminator glasses - where we see into each car if there might be a possible person getting out.


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