just before leaving work yesterday the rain started. A concerned work colleague asked me if I get sick when I ride in the rain, well it was more an incredulous "don't you get sick?"

I gather they expected me to die overnight.

This was especially a concern if I had worked up a sweat and then a cold rain drenched me. I haven't found that to be the case.

Yesterday on my way to work I came across a person in a polar fleee jacket with hood snugly fit around their heads, I'm wondering what they will do if we ever get real cold weather in Sydney.

It would seem that we really have become soft, wrapped in cars with heaters or air conditioners on so the temperature is just right. People have no idea of what our bodies are capable of dealing with and how to facilitate a healthy way of living.

I was still quite wet when I got home 2 hours after leaving work, not cold and feeling fine today.

How's your health after a drenching ride?

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When the shoes are even slightly damp from the last ride in or out I will go the bread bags over the socks to keep the chill out.

The combo of a riding chill plus one kid still at primary school and a badly controlled A/C at the office = I tend to pick up any of the bugs going around so I do the layering thing from early autumn until early summer, rather be warm and wet than wet and chilled.

Also seems to take a long time to throw a cold if you keep riding.

35-38mm tyres, mudguards and layering of clothes. The cheap Aldi merino I wore yesterday was fine.

Just off to my local Swedish Drying Cabinet shop... BRB

Haha. We picked ours up second hand quite cheaply. They do come up occasionally on Gumtree/Ebay etc.

Otherwise: http://www.asko.com.au/laundry/drying-cabinets/dc7573

This is what they look like:

We've got a heated towel rail in the bathroom, works a treat for wet cycling gear.

I get sick when i don't ride. We have a crazy time moving house etc, I didn't ride for a week and i got sicker than I had been for years - bad cold plus secondary throat infection.

As soon as I could get back on the bike, I started getting better.

I love riding in the rain. Makes you feel alive. And my commute is short enough and energetic enough that I don't get cold, even without layers / waterproofs.

I have used the 'I'm not made of sugar' line a few times, when people look at me incredulously.

Oh yes, this is one of my all time favourites. Louis Pasteur, and others, proved over 140 years ago, that colds are in fact not caused by cold but by microbes. Scary, but true.

If it rains when I ride I get wet. I'd prefer not to get wet, but sometimes it's outside my control.

You will not dissolve in the rain. You will not get sick just because you got rained on or got cold. If you are already susceptible to illness, it's probably a good idea to stay dry and warm, but I'm guessing those with hepatitis, organ transplants, HIV/AIDS or otherwise immune system compromised, they probably already know this. But the lifestyle changes immune system-compromised people need to make go well beyond not getting caught in the rain (the least of their worries).

I haven't been sick, not even a cold, since December 2010. And that was a cold. I haven't been truly sick for a long time. Maybe November 2004 (food poisoning). All I do - if I hear someone sneezing or coughing, I hold my breath for 5 seconds. That's it. Plus ride lots of course, which I think helps...

I hold my breath for 5 seconds

Thinking of the speed of a sneeze and then the subsequent hanging around of whatever was sneezed out and also distance from sneezer, I'd hang on to my breathe for a few minutes instead.

you don't get public transport, do you Josh?

Maybe the breath holding doesn't work, or doesn't work much...

And no, I avoid public transport like the plague... how did you guess? :)

I'd like to whole heartedly agree with this, but I'm home sick with the flu. Was it riding home in the wet on Tuesday night, was it a delayed reaction to the flu shot, or was it that some grotty little child (to be fair, probably mine) infected me?

Was it riding home in the wet on Tuesday night,


was it a delayed reaction to the flu shot,


Or was it that some grotty little child (to be fair, probably mine) infected me?



Do you mean you have influenza, or a bad cold?

It seems in Australia 'flu' usually means the latter.


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