Yeah Yeah I know but I want to hear peoples opinion on something a little different from the usual old chestnut.

In your opinion what should you get for paying Bike rego?  Or in another way, If you paid your $2.83 rego what would you expect would change on the road?

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A car owner doesn't get anything for registering their car. Car registration is required because as a society we recognise that cars are fundamentally dangerous, and that it benefits everybody if we ensure that cars have working brakes, lights, indicators etc., and that we can trace them via the numberplate if the car is causing problems for others.

This is why registering bikes in the same way that we register cars makes no sense. Bikes aren't fundamentally dangerous, and there's no benefit to everybody by registering them. Instead, everybody loses because of the combination of:

  • compulsory registration reducing the rate of cycling, and
  • the positive externalities associated with increasing the rate of cycling.

Use the tax system if you want to reward bike riders for the positive externalities they generate.


I'm not sure the argument of safer cars holds up in states with no compulsory rego safety check - but rego does insure that they at least have 3rd party insurance for when they do injure other people.

I would expect that a $2.83 rego would give us the privilege to be compelled to pay insurance for our bicycles. 

I would expect a dramatic reduction in existing cycling facilities, as the number of cyclists would halve.

Pretty much so Taking the past track record as standard, I expect excessive heavy handed policing to occur as well


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