Lane Cove has a bike plan on public exhibition  for the next couple of weeks. 

At first glance, looks like infrastructure is being proposed mainly where it wont upset the motoring masses, but some hope with things like uphill lanes replacing shoulder lanes

There is a comments map which doesn't seem to have had much traffic yet:

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Thank you.

I've put a few comments on about turning off the Epping Rd path in to Longueville Road. 

It can get super congested with pedestrians, and have cars coming from several directions at once.

I'm kind of surprised there have been no high profile incidents there, right in front of the Council chambers!

Burns Bay Rd from Centennial up to the shops and Longueville Rd from River Rd up to the shops both are getting work which is good.

Still no solution for Figtree Bridge to Centennial Ave!

Otherwise, there are a few good suggestions for improvement here and there, but unfortunately, nothing really eye-opening.

The area really needs some huge changes - with so many unit blocks now built, and the new shopping centre half built, we have road and pedestrian traffic like never before, with no room or funding allocated for improved transport options.

The garbage trucks are struggling to negotiate their way through the tight streets around the units - but land apparently was too valuable to the developers to be shared with anybody else.

We really need some new vehicle priority routes so that cars and trucks can bypass the LC shopping area completely instead of being funnelled through with no other viable alternatives ........

The Longueville and Epping Road intersection is fine.  You wait until the traffic is clear and go.  There’s even pedestrian lights that you can use to be extra extra safe.  Have been riding through there in both directions for 6 years and never had a problem.  

That said, the shared pedestrian / cycle path leading into the intersection is problematic.  All the usual problems of mixing pedestrians and cyclists, the speed differences, with faults in both camps, apply.  

But the biggest issue, by far, in this precinct is the Coxs Lane, Epping Road intersection.  It is an abomination for cyclists.  Cars coming up Coxs Lane towards Epping Road can’t see cyclists and cyclists can’t see those cars.  If both take care then it works well.  But it is all too easy for it to go horribly wrong.  IMO there needs to be some really aggressive road markings and signage as you head up Coxs Lane towards Epping Road that alerts cars to the cycle path they are about to cross. 

Based on past form though, all I expect from Lane Cove council is for them to create more green suicide lanes.  They are good at that.  

I've been riding through there too, for at least 6 years. 

There is too much going on coming down the path from the highway to the Longueville Rd lights. Particularly too many people getting off busses and wandering all over the place looking at their phones - this, and the road crossings all mixed together create a dangerous 100m stretch.

Note that the crossing has pedestrian lights - no bicycle lights - so everybody should be walking ..... And if turning left into Lane Cove, you either disobey the don't walk, watch traffic and ride onto Lv Rd or disobey the walk signal and dodge pedestrians and ride onto Lv Rd.

Coxs Lane I agree is another place waiting to go horribly wrong. I don't like driving out of there.....

And I've seen several cars hit bicycles exiting the BP servo just further down. Drivers exiting look over their right shoulder for a gap in the traffic, and then knock over a rider coming on their left. 

Sadly, I agree 100% with your conclusion ..........      

Oops, yeah, the pedestrian lights have bike lights too ....

So I guess we don't need to worry about that.

Every body should pile on and put plenty of comments on need for priority for cyclists on the Epping Rd path at side streets like Coxs Lane. How do they even allow that lane  to be an entry to Epping Rd?

Totally agree Bob.  To highlight the absurdity of the current situation, a cyclist using Coxs Lane on approach to Epping Road has priority over a cyclist using the Epping Road cycleway!  As well, council is intending to widen Coxs Lane and become one-way, the left lane turning left onto Epping Road and the right lane turning right i.e. no longer left turn exit from Epping Road.  As l understand it, this arrangement is required by the RMS as part of their approval for the Coles / Aldi development currently under construction at the former Rosenthal carpark site.

Further with regard to the Epping Road cycleway / SUP, in addition to Coxs Lane there are another 3 local side streets that intersect with the Epping Road cycleway in the Lane Cove municipality.  All of these 4 intersections should be designed to provide cyclist priority over motor vehicles ..... as has occurred in parts of the City of Sydney.  Motorists already have priority at the major intersections of Longueville Road, Centennial Ave and Sam Johnson Way ..... why do they also get priority at these minor side streets?  Interestingly, with this cycleway being required as part of the Lane Cove Tunnel Project (thanks to then Transport Minister, Carl Scully) the study specified a raised platform at Munro Street (the first west of Centennial Ave) that would have enhanced cyclist (and pedestrian) safety.  However, a pathetic anti-cyclist engineer opposed the design!  Even more concerningly, a 'Y'- shaped intersection at Kimberley Ave (first west of the Pacific Highway) results in a motorist approaching along Kimberley Ave looking right but often fails to look for pedestrians and cyclists approaching from the left (west).  This was probably why a taxi driver killed an elderly women / pedestrian at this intersection a few years ago.  Subsequently no action has been taken despite plenty of space to transform the intersection into a right angled design, which would also slow traffic turning left.

Please make a submission or comment on the bike plan which closes this Friday (August 9) with bcc to

Yesterday at 5 pm was the deadline for submissions / comments.  When l tried to make a submission l was on council’s website, clicking on ‘email’.  An email page appeared but there was no council email address.  Fortunately, l knew a council address , sending my submission to

Given my concerns, l’ve contacted the chair of council’s bike committee and asked him to investigate.  Did anyone here have a similar problem?  Also send any comments to  Thanks.


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