Shared here as I think it's important to remind everyone that some drivers might not always follow the road rules. Stay safe out there.

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I find it disappointing that others are prepared to pay for his fines. One would hope that they are substantial.

With this nimrod unlikely to have a clean driving record, I'd imagine a small consolation, will be likely loss of license from double demerits for phone use plus driving on the footpath. It would be sweet justice if the same cops sprung him if he goes back to Ps and does something stupid (no doubt a daily occurrence) or drives while suspended!

Saw an AMG driver scream up behind a bunch of riders in Pyrmont this morning and pretty much word for word the same rant for not being in the bike lane. 

No thought to the fact riders were keeping up with traffic, that the light up ahead was red etc...  sheer unadulterated rage mixed with ignorance.

It really feels like NSW has gone backwards in terms of the bike Vs car issue. Riders should be super mindful that the comments on news stories and the views of the main stream media are literally putting you in more danger, it emboldens lethal drivers.

Take care out there.


Apparently this character is "well known" to the local constabulary 


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