Shared here as I think it's important to remind everyone that some drivers might not always follow the road rules. Stay safe out there.

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Yep he is a very special one. Even complaining about a council he doesn't contribute to spending money on infrastructure

Vigilantism and driving on cycle paths is to be discouraged, so good on the Safety Officer Ellen at Kiama Police. 

Still, if the motorist is on the bike path and the cyclists are on the road, we do have separation:)

The local council is slowly extending the path to Jamberoo from Kiama Downs, which will be great when completed, as the local roads are narrow, noshoulders etc. Path looks a bit narrow tho, anyone been on it?

It's wide enough for two people to pass comfortably. Although it is a bit of climb just there and could probably do with being wider for that reason. Quite pleasant going down to the river and under the bridge. It allows you to skip the worst bit of Swamp Road (sharp bends, hilly rough surface etc)

The original plan was to go along the river but the local residents objected so as far as I can see its going to, or is already Swamp rd

BTW I've tried to find a map of this bike path and I haven't succeeded 

That's close. The western end crosses Swamp Road and currently finishes at Browns Lane (indicated as a dotted line on the map)

Dam, I was hoping I could ride the kids to Jamberoo but the cycleway is only on the quiet road and not on the busy road.

Perhaps they should of built the bit between Jamberoo and Swamp rd first

I heard that one of the bike riders is a police officer... which may be why the search for the motorist and charges!


That appears to be the case It would be funny apart from the whole irrational person in charge of two tonnes of machinery bit

I might be getting too cynical but if the bike riders were not cops the police response might be a lot different...



But what it does communicate is that the cyclist you are about to abuse could be a cop so think twice

Might have helped if he had thought once


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