TV news tonight has told how stunned Dunc was when he was given the flick. I haven't heard who will replace him, but let's at least hope that they are interested in cycling safety, not harassment of cyclists.

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Good riddance.  Gay was arrogance personified.  Apparently Constance will retain Transport, plus WestConnex.  He will be busy!

Phew, for a moment then I thought that Dunc Gray velodrome was going

Melinda Jane PAVEY is the new Minister for Roads, Maritime & Freight.

There may be some nominative determinism happening there.

Anyone know anything about her... anything at all??

She rides.

She also supported the greyhound ban. Not another old white man. Grounds for some optimism, maybe?

Well that's a very good sign

Yes, well, Tony Abbott rides... and look how that helps. Still, I'll reserve judgement. Even though she is still a National:

Though I'm judging the writer of that article pretty harshly.

Especially for this sentence: "The cyclists spit up and rode in packs, with only a few injuries to note."

The rest of that paragraph is not much better...

Oh well, what would we expect from the Bele Tele?

Eye injuries from toxic spit?

BTW ding dong the wicked witch is dead. Apart from of course "meet the new boss same as the old boss" - will the complicit cycling orgs be fooled again?

380kms in 3 days isn't like just riding around the local park, implies some prior training. I will try not to hope for too much but she can't be worse. But as Neil observes having a cycling prime minister didn't get us far and we had two labor cycling premiers, one even a transport / commuting cyclist and those got us.....?

"and these got us .........?"

If my memory serves me correctly, the figure of 5/8 of 3/6 of fuck all rings a bell!

and we had two labor cycling premiers

Little known fact: I beat one of them in a 40km time trial regularly run, in years past, by another member of this site on the M4.

Kristina never claimed to be a fast rider, but well done anyway.

And now the dummy spit!

"Earlier on Sunday, dumped roads minister Duncan Gay said in a statement that he would also leave politics and was "now considering the timing of my retirement from the NSW Legislative Council, sooner rather than later.""


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